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   Chapter 3917 Just So-so

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When any kind of material was trapped or came into contact with the Cold Prison, it would be instantly converted into a different form, and energy was no exception.

No matter how strong the energy in the Primordial Energy Cat's stomach was, it was rendered useless in the face of the Cold Prison.

This turn of events was something that the Snake Goddess and King Ieuan never expected.

They didn't know the existence of the Cold Prison, nor did they see Lamont use such an ability before.

If it was Othniel or Herbert, they were sure that the two would have perished in the Primordial Energy Cat's stomach. Unfortunately, they had to deal with Lamont right now.

Lamont looked down at a crushed stone in the Pear Hill. "King Ieuan, I'm disappointed at you. After colluding with the Pear Hill, this is all you can do?"

King Ieuan stood on the stone and looked up at Lamont with a gloomy gaze.

In the past, it once boasted as the richest creature in the Source World. However, the massive amount of divine crystals that it had didn't bring any qualitative changes to its race. So, King Ieuan decided to make use of the divine crystals.

With the help of the Snake Goddess and Fuxi, the Divine Crystal Array was flawlessly established. Everything went smoothly—or so they thought.

Then came Lamont. In an instant, the tide of the battle suddenly went against their favor.

All the terrifying energy that swarmed at Lamont turned into mere dots of light that vanished immediately after. Witnessing all that, King Ieuan couldn't begin to imagine how powerful Lamont really was.

"Lucky for me, I have grasped the skill of creating the Cold Prison. If not, I might have died in your cat's stomach. But unfortunately for you…"

As he was still speaking, Lamont stretched out a finger and aimed at King Ieuan below. A white aura began circling on his fingertip. An extreme murderous intent was oozing in his eyes.


A blast of cold air was condensed into a white arrow. It quickly darted off from Lamont's finger and dashed towards King Ieuan.

King Ieuan just stared at the approaching arrow, as if fear and helplessness crippled its entire body.

"My king, get a hold of yourself!"

"You need to run!"

Oakley, Dempsey, and the three other Ear Mice rushed over to King Ieuan as fast as they could.

The five Ear Mice were King Ieuan's most trusted subordinates. Even in the most hopeless situation, their loyalty and passion to protect their king remained undaunted.

"Divine Picture Shield!"

Suddenly, a round purple shield appeared above Oakley's head.

Aside from the Heaven Shaking Gold, the Divine P

became more intense.

'Come to think of it, is this the guy that Herbert mentioned?

They said that they will be capturing him alive.

Ha-ha, they can't blame me. He's the one who walks into his death, ' Lamont thought.

Even Lamont couldn't fully control the Cold Prison. Anything that came in contact with it would be ripped off its energy, and Lamont couldn't restore them either. Trying to protect Yan, Zen rushed into the Cold Prison and approached Lamont's fist by throwing his own massive punch. Lamont couldn't help laughing in his mind because he knew that Zen already fell into the trap, and he would surely end up like the others who became victims of the Cold Prison.

However, Lamont's expression suddenly changed and his eyes widened.


With a muffled sound, Zen's fist collided with Lamont's. Zen wasn't stopped by the Cold Prison and his energy didn't dissipate either.

Due to the overwhelming force that Zen had put in his fist, Lamont was pushed back and had to take several steps backward.

Lamont's force was undoubtedly more powerful than Zen's. However, he didn't use his full strength just now because he didn't expect that it would be necessary.

As Lamont regained his balance, he stared at Zen with a visibly disorganized expression on his face. He was trying to understand what had just happened. He was thinking if Zen used a certain secret skill that he missed to notice.

"This can't be… You! What the hell did you do?"

Lamont knew very well how the Cold Prison worked, so he was flabbergasted at what just happened.

"What? You're wondering why the Cold Prison didn't work on me?" Zen looked at his slightly stiff fist and brushed off the frost on its surface. "Well, your Cold Prison is only so-so."

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