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   Chapter 3916 See The Cold Prison Again

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Lamont didn't expect that the Pear Hill would have prepared so thoroughly. Without any defense, he was dragged into the belly of the Primordial Energy Cat.

In Pear Hill, Lamont only took the Snake Goddess and Fuxi seriously. The rest were close to nothing in his eyes.

Little did he know that these nobodies didn't rely on Pear Hill to hold on and struggle for life, but tried to find a chance to kill him.


Lamont could not believe his eyes as he saw countless massive energy windstorms that rotated at high speed.

When he felt the terrifying energy, the contempt in his eyes disappeared and was replaced with an expression of uncertainty and caution.

"Where am I? This place exists in the Source World?" There happened to be many dangerous places in the Source World, but most were only considered dangerous for True Gods and the Other Shore Realm warriors.

As for the powerful masters like Lamont, there was no place in the chaos that they couldn't explore, nor was there any place dangerous enough to threaten their lives.

However, today was a different story. This dangerous place was the last thing Lamont had expected.

His initial reaction was to assume that he was merely hallucinating and that everything he saw was an illusion. However, with one simple distinction, he soon understood that this was real, and so was the roaring energy of this horrific place.


A strong space fluctuation burst out from the body of Lamont, who wanted nothing else but to leave the world.

However, because the space was formed in the stomach of the Primordial Energy Cat, his theurgies were completely ineffective.

"This is bad!"

As he realized the gravity of his situation, Lamont had already seen a mass of energy windstorm rolling towards him.

In the past, his solid ice armor could withstand Yan's attack, because any energy that came into contact with it would soon be affected by the armor's extremely low temperature.

The stronger the energy was, the higher its temperature would be. This meant that when the temperature dropped, the energy would grow stagnant.

In conclusion, the solid ice armor was also the standing nemesis of the energy windstorm!

However, the strength of the energy windstorm was far from what Lamont had expected. In the beginning, the energy windstorms had been blocked by the solid ice armor, but after the energy windstorms swept across the armor, they managed to leave thin lines across the surface.

At first, there were dozen


Yan was in charge of the Cloud Cover Array, so she couldn't just leave without consent.

"If you don't leave, you will die!"

Zen's tone was demanding and almost harsh.

Yan hesitated for a moment and then pointed to a peak in the distance. "Let's head there first!"

It was the Panoramic View Peak, where the second center of the Cloud Cover Array existed. She then brought the golden dress-like array to the Panoramic View Peak so that she could simultaneously control the entire Cloud Cover Array.

In sheer desperation, Zen hastily agreed.

Just as he took his sister away, the body of the Primordial Energy Cat swelled up again. From fifty thousand feet in width, it rose to three million feet.

The Primordial Energy Cat didn't have the Wild God Body, so its physical ability could not withstand the pressure. Eventually, its round belly exploded with a loud bang.

Lamont's massive body finally escaped and he restored himself into a huge monster. The middle of the Pear Hill was completely overturned by him!

Moreover, the strange energy radiated from Lamont's body as a peculiar phenomenon appeared.

The stones and trees that surrounded him seemed to have lost their weight as they hovered around him.

After a moment, these stones and trees morphed into countless white dots of light that flashed dramatically and disappeared.

Yan blinked her eyes as she saw this, surprised with what just happened. Zen was familiar with this as he had seen something similar in the Blooming Jade Stage. It was the Cold Prison.

With this Cold Prison to protect Lamont, no matter how powerful the energy was, it proved to be no threat to him.

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