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   Chapter 3915 The Primordial Energy Cat

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For such a large amount of divine crystals, it would take a long time to extract all the energies in them.

However, it wasn't a big deal for the Snake Goddess. She already had a plan in mind.

As the jadeite platform spun, all the divine crystals would be crushed in a certain direction and then release the internal energy.

The blue energy that gushed out from the divine crystals flowed towards the center like hundreds of small streams. As they gathered in the center of the platform, they formed an azure river of energy.

The produced river of energy was actually very gentle. Even ordinary people wouldn't get hurt if they came into contact with it. It wouldn't be able to kill a Chaos Ancient God.

However, when the river of energy rushed over, three Holy Soul Realm Ear Mice quickly took action.

Three identical Other Shore Tokens appeared above their heads.

Apparently, these tokens were all from Stage Thirty-three. However, because they were of the auxiliary-type, they were not very suitable for combat use.

Nonetheless, the main purpose of the tokens was to compress the river of energy as they interacted with it.

The river of energy was continuously compressed, and once again turned into crystals.

The divine crystals were originally ores that contained a great amount of energy, but now, they were transformed into pure energy crystals.

The energy contained in a piece of the compressed crystal was equivalent to that of seventy million divine crystals.

In the past, the Snake Goddess also tried to condense all of the divine crystals to such an extent, so that it would be much easier to save and store them in the Pear Hill.

However, after being fully compressed, the crystals became very unstable and weren't able to maintain the condensed state for a long time.

The river of energy continued to roll and surge, and the energy crystals that were condensed floated in front of King Ieuan.

Above its head was a peculiar-looking Other Shore Token. It was actually a living Other Shore Token, the size of a palm, and looked exactly like a black cat.

It was known as the Primordial Energy Cat, a magical creature that was found in Stage Thirty-three on the Other Shore.

At first glance, it looked like a ferocious black cat, but it was actually an energy entity. Most times, it was in the form of an energy ball. Only when it was hunting would it turn into the form of a black cat.

The Primordial Energy Cat had a very unique and extraordinary feature. For mos

. The moment Lamont briefly stopped, a stone tablet instantly darted and made a clear hit.

After the stone tablet attached to Lamont's body, it quickly emitted black ripples. The other stone tablet, which was on Dempsey's hand, reacted and emitted white ripples.

When Dempsey saw that the black stone tablet had successfully attached itself to Lamont's body, it threw the one it was holding to King Ieuan.

Then, the Primordial Energy Cat on top of King Ieuan's head leaped and swallowed the white stone tablet in one go.


Dempsey didn't waste any time and activated the pair of stone tablets.

The stone tablets were actually called the Interchange Stone Tablets. Their ability was that they could instantly reverse the positions of the things that they were attached to.

In the blink of an eye, Lamont's body, which was just outside the Pear Hill, suddenly disappeared and was brought into the belly of the Primordial Energy Cat.

At the same time, the white stone tablet, which was swallowed by the Primordial Energy Cat, appeared midair outside the Pear Hill, where Lamont's body originally was.

Zen, who was not affected by the Heaven Shaking Gold, was dumbfounded as he witnessed everything that happened. The swapping ability of the stone tablets didn't even produce space fluctuations. This kind of forcible interchange was very domineering.

After swallowing Lamont whole, the Primordial Energy Cat meowed towards King Ieuan and lay on its shoulder.

From the lazy expression of the Primordial Energy Cat, it was as if it just swallowed an insignificant rodent. In the world in its stomach, a whole bunch of terrifying energy was raging.

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