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   Chapter 3914 Activate The Array

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While isolating the freezing air from the Pear Hill, Yan also activated the energy flow of the Cloud Cover Array.

Not only did the members and disciples of the Pear Hill live in the Pear Hill, there were also many mortals there who could not cultivate.

The temperature did not drop all that low when the frigid air reached the edge of the Pear Hill.

Even so, for those mortals, it would still be a fatal exposure.

Sensing this, Yan frowned and aimed her energy at the huge creature above!

The mission Yan had been given by the Snake Goddess was to amass the power of Pear Hill and do all that was needed to protect it.

However, till now, she had been running a defensive movement only.

After suffering fierce attacks for half a day, she finally had the chance to strike back. Naturally, Yan poured out masses of energy without any hesitation!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…

Huge golden light blades formed and shot upwards.

The energy contained within those golden light blades couldn't be underestimated, not even by the Chaos Ancient God.


Lamont hovered in the sky and suddenly opened his mouth, taking a deep breath. His huge belly bulged even more.


The air, which had been sucked into his stomach, suddenly spewed forth again.

The cold air erupting out from the huge body was enough to create a freezing hurricane.

However, the chill was not as fierce as the others had feared. Instead, it formed a gentle white zone of cold beneath him.

When the golden blades entered this zone, they lost momentum, slowed down, and finally stopped. The golden light of the blades' surface suddenly dimmed, and the blades completely melted away in this cold band.

The golden blades possessed energy at a fiery temperature. Though they melted, they also reduced the cold air by several degrees.

Yan's face darkened slightly. She flicked her hands, and more golden light blades appeared, shooting outwards.

No matter how powerful the strength of the Chaos Ancient God was, the truth power he possessed was limited. Given the massive divine crystals in the Pear Hill, Yan could naturally squander them at will!

The golden light blades surged up like a kaleidoscope of butterflies, quickly melting through the cold area!

After completely heating up the cold band, more golden light blades shot towards Lamont with a violent intent.

Lamont merely looked down at Yan in

t's armor, something strange happened. As the golden light blades impacted on the armor, their lights flashed and disappeared!

Other Chaos Ancient Gods might not dare to resist the golden light blades as Lamont did, but his armor was the nemesis of all pure energy.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Yan hurled out over a hundred golden light blades in quick succession, but they were all absorbed by Lamont's solid ice armor.

Seeing Lamont's huge body dashing over, Yan had no choice but to employ the golden shield again.


The golden shield vibrated, but it was still stable.

Lamont didn't show any mercy at all. He stretched out his fists, and even his fist shadows smashed at Yan from all directions!

Bang, bang, Bang...

As tens of thousands of punches landed against the golden shield, the shield trembled more violently.

Yan's face became pale, and panic could be seen flashing in her eyes.

Each punch could obliterate her. If the golden shield was broken, she would definitely perish, and even her brother would not be able to survive.

All of a sudden, Yan remembered the Divine Crystal Array...

In a panic, she looked at Zen.

It was not difficult for Zen to activate the entire Divine Crystal Array; however, the one who really controlled it was King Ieuan below.

He sat cross-legged on the jadeite platform, with his hands on it. The green luster of the platform quickly gathered in his hands.

The jadeite platform began to slowly rotate. The entire Divine Crystal Array became like a massive hungry beast that began to devour enormous amounts of divine crystals.

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