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   Chapter 3913 A Sneak Attack

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Eternal Realm masters wouldn't take long to cross an entire province.

The Grandmaster of Heaven and the people chasing him were far stronger than ordinary Eternal Realm warriors, and as a result, were much faster.

That was why Othniel and Herbert had to make a quick decision.

"Should we avoid them or fight?" Herbert asked, puzzled.

The goal that was Herbert's priority was to subvert the Pear Hill and help the Element Spirit race complete the Purge Way.

He didn't have an opinion about Fuxi, the Snake Goddess, or even Zen. It was purely a matter of stance on the future.

On the other hand, Othniel looked hesitant.

Their previous attack against the Oneness Sky Palace had been a complete failure. The people belonging to all the forces involved, like the Divine Farmer race, the Bearing race, and the New Moon race had died or escaped during the war. Even Claire had been killed.

Now, Fuxi's and the Snake Goddess's strength had greatly increased, and with the help of Eastern Emperor Taiyi and the other two Chaos Ancient Gods, Pear Hill had become an invincible force.

If the Grandmaster of Heaven were to be defeated or even killed by them, what would await him and Herbert before the Pear Hill?

These thoughts lingered in Othniel's mind for a while before he made his decision. "We should fight!" he said eventually.

He had barely finished saying this when blue dust appeared in his huge eye.

If one looked carefully, they'd realize that the blue dust motes were numerous cubes the size of a fist. They only looked tiny like dust before Othniel's huge form.

The blue cubes disappeared from Othniel's eye and appeared to the east of the Taoism Province, floating irregularly in the air.

These cubes were insignificant to the powerful warriors who had activated the Wild God Bodies.

Gerald warned the others as he noticed the sudden appearance of the blue dust. "Be careful! They're inverse spaces released by Othniel!"

The moment Gerald alerted his companions, Othniel activated the cubes.

The blue spaces, originally the size of a fist, expanded rapidly to a width of about one million feet each. These inverse spaces instantly filled up the space at the south of the Taoism Province.

These inverse spaces were a special type of space. There seemed to be nothing inside, but they were, in fact, filled with a special energy.

Gerald, the Snake Goddess, and the others felt like they were running in water the moment they were trapped in these spaces. Their speed slowed down considerably.

The Grandmaster of Heav

of the Pear Hill had now been handed over to them.

An intense fight was taking place in the Taoism Province, while the Pear Hill was strangely quiet in contrast, as if they weren't involved in the war. The disciples and the other members on the Pear Hill were relieved for a moment.

They couldn't participate in the higher-level battle. All they could do was pray silently as they remained in the Pear Hill.

It was then that a huge figure suddenly appeared in the sky above the Pear Hill. It was a creature with white hair all over the body.

The appearance of this creature caused an invisible chill to quickly spread over them from above.

The temperature dropped sharply, and silver white frosts began to spread down from the top of the Pear Hill, like a circular ice ring blooming around it.

Both Zen and Yan raised their heads to try to get a clear look at the figure clearly. Their faces hardened, almost in unison.

This was Lamont, the third Chaos Ancient God who had followed the Purge Way.

Once he arrived at the Pear Hill, he decided to ignore the fight in the Taoism Province and attacked the Pear Hill first.

He probably believed that since Fuxi had left, there was no one left to guard the Pear Hill, and that it would be an easy task to destroy the hill.

The temperature was still dropping rapidly, many rocks in the Pear Hill freezing and shattering into pieces with a cracking burst.

If the temperature continued to drop, all living creatures in the Pear Hill would freeze to death.

Yan wouldn't allow this to happen. She stretched out her hands, and under her control, the Cloud Cover Array worked to block the deadly cold air attacking the Pear Hill from outside.

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