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   Chapter 3912 The Second Truth

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The marks of Eight Diagrams appeared one after another under the Grandmaster of Heaven's feet while he dodged the palm prints that kept descending from the sky.

The ground behind him was densely packed with palm prints, which formed a wide ditch.


The moment he avoided another one palm print, he became shocked when he saw the Pear Hill.

His spiritual sense always covered an area with a radius of over a hundred million miles. He saw that the Snake Goddess, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Gerald, and Herbert were fast approaching!

"Eastern Emperor Taiyi."

Although it was his first time to descend into the chaos, the Black Ship was always the one that gathered the information from the Source World then sent it to him before.

Of course, he knew that Eastern Emperor Taiyi had defeated Emperor Charm easily.

He also knew that the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi had gotten trapped in Stage Thirty-three.

It must be the case that someone had taken over his physical body, which greatly enhanced his strength.

The truth behind it might be a puzzle for others, but the Grandmaster of Heaven easily figured out what had happened.

Now, Fuxi had become much more powerful, and perhaps the Snake Goddess's strength had also increased. They might have let the real Fuxi and the real Snake Goddess take over their bodies.

Since the Grandmaster of Heaven faced them alone, the pressure he felt naturally increased.

Had it been someone else, they probably would've run away by now. He could at least join the two Chaos Ancient Gods who were in the Taoism Province.

Yet, he didn't choose to escape.

Instead of continuing to dodge the palm prints of Eight Diagrams, he suddenly stopped in midair!

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Fuxi continued to slap the ground in the Pear Hill, but the palm prints went through the Grandmaster of Heaven's body.

The Grandmaster of Heaven was like a ghost in the air, and he avoided all his attacks.

That was the ability of the Chaos Ancient God Othniel—the Void Illusory World, which could create a unique separate space for him to stay.

"Grandmaster of Heaven, long time no see!" the bright-eyed Snake Goddess exclaimed.

Because it was the real Snake Goddess, she spoke in an unusually confident manner.

"Hmph, it's just as I thought. Even if you have a complete body to use, you still can't bring your full strength into play," the Grandmaster of Heaven coldly shot back.

At that moment, the Snake Goddess spread her fingers and gently lifted them.

In turn, crimson energy filaments burst out from her snow-white skin.

The en

Every collision was powerfully destructive. If the creatures in the Victory Province looked up, the dazzling golden light would blind their eyes.

After the Grandmaster of Heaven and the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi had exchanged dozens of sword strikes in an instant, the Grandmaster of Heaven suddenly stepped into the void. His big body was like a ghost as he flew south, which was the location of the Taoism Province. His goal was to get the other two Chaos Ancient Gods who were in the Taoism Province involved.

"Go after him!"

At that point, the Snake Goddess, Gerald, and the others followed him closely.

At first, Othniel and Herbert, who were in the Taoism Province, were still panicking when they faced Fuxi's attack.

However, the attacks of the Eight Diagrams and the palm prints came a little delayed as they reached the Taoism Province. Furthermore, it wasn't hard to avoid them with their abilities.

At the same time, the two Chaos Ancient Gods also noticed that the Pear Hill took the initiative to attack the Grandmaster of Heaven!

Othniel and the Grandmaster of Heaven were not on the same side. In reality, Othniel was afraid of the Grandmaster of Heaven when it came to strength. Since the Pear Hill had exhibited powerful capabilities, it would be a good thing for them if they took the opportunity to kill the Grandmaster of Heaven.

After all, the Contract-restricting Twin-headed Snake didn't require Othniel to help the Grandmaster of Heaven.

It turned out that all this time, the two Chaos Ancient Gods chose to standby and not interfere. What they didn't expect was that the Grandmaster of Heaven evaded the attacks launched by the people of Pear Hill, then charged straight towards them.

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