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   Chapter 3911 Take The Initiative To Attack

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Blood splattered across the ground as the Snake Goddess killed a black snake, then she quickly moved to the next place.

She wasn't the only one who attacked. Upon hearing her call, Fuxi, the sect, and mountain leaders also jumped into action and cleared the black snakes in the Pear Hill.

However, the area covered by their spiritual sense was much smaller than that of the Snake Goddess. Thus, they could only kill the black snakes near the central area of the Pear Hill. They couldn't reach the black snakes beyond that area.

Furthermore, the spiritual sense couldn't be used to locate the three hundred black snakes, so it was quite hard to kill them.

When they sensed that a warrior of the Pear Hill had died, that was only when they could go to the place and kill.

The wild flames were intense, but the Grandmaster of Heaven had used them to create three hundred black snakes, so the power was divided. Warriors at the Holy Soul Realm could resist them, as long as they were careful.

Although they killed the black snakes, the Pear Hill had suffered many casualties.

Within five minutes, the entire Pear Hill was in a fix.

The Snake Goddess surmised that after the group of snakes entered the Pear Hill, over seven hundred members of the Pear Hill had died, which included many elites.

Although the Pear Hill had many members, all the warriors who died were her members. No one could blame her for feeling devastated.

Soon enough, Yan felt the panic of the people of the Pear Hill.

After all, those mountain and sect leaders contributed nearly half of the energy needed. When they left to kill the black snakes, the energy used for the Energy Shaft naturally became unstable.

Fortunately, Yan was quite skilled. She restrained the blue pillars that grew like mad with constant adjustment.

When the mountain and sect leaders returned to their positions, the supply of energy to the Energy Shaft became stable again.

Zen, who was in the Dark Haze Peak, also saw the commotion, but he did not act rashly. Before the war, the Snake Goddess said that she was in command of everything.

Elizabeth, Pearce, and some others were in another main peak and infused energy into the Cloud Cover Array as well, but they also did not participate directly in the battle.

When they returned to the jadeite platform, Fuxi looked calm as usual, but the Snake Goddess was a little worried.

"If everything continued like this, I'm afraid that the Pear Hill won't be able to hold on," the Snake Goddess said.

ms appeared under their feet, and the same happened to Grandmaster of Heaven, who was in the Victory Province.

"This is..."

Upon seeing the big mark, the Grandmaster of Heaven felt a chill run down his spine.

In turn, he quickly grew up to ten million feet high. With a wave of his hand, he sucked the black ship into his long sleeve and suddenly teleported away.


Powerful palm prints immediately fell from the top of the marks of Eight Diagrams, and a bottomless pit appeared on the ground.

The Grandmaster of Heaven only took away one black ship. The other black ships swiftly turned into thousands of pieces as the palm prints covered them.

Although these black ships could repair themselves, the captain of the Black Ship still felt crushed when he saw that the black ships were destroyed just like that.

Still, the real Fuxi didn't stop attacking, and his large hands continuously slapped the ground. As the palm prints kept coming down, the Grandmaster of Heaven, Othniel, and Herbert had no choice but to move and dodge.

The Grandmaster of Heaven was confused when he dodged and retreated.

He had never seen Fuxi become so powerful when he fought against him before. It seemed that he suddenly became a different person, which reminded the Grandmaster of Heaven of the Fuxi in the past.

This was not a good omen.

Just as Othniel and Herbert still dodged, the real Snake Goddess, the real Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Gerald, and Judson all rushed towards the Victory Province at the same time.

The Snake Goddess planned that they would all charge forward to take down the Grandmaster of Heaven first, then deal with the Chaos Ancient Gods next.

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