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   Chapter 3910 Black Snakes

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As Zen spoke his last word, the ancestry-level bloodline began boiling within him.

He sensed that it had used six abilities of the life quadrant, as well as the ability of the space-time quadrant, which ranked a bit lower than eightieth in this quadrant. This was very rare.

These seven abilities mixed together to form the bloodline.

"Is this an origin-level bloodline?" Zen froze for a moment as he pondered.

These three hundred and seventy-three abilities might have infinite combinations, but the origin-level bloodlines the Eternal Divine Courtyard had were those in the four spaces.

Zen made an attempt to activate the bloodline ability and almost immediately felt a burning sensation within, as his body began transforming dramatically.

Thin muscles bulged out and quickly morphed into a layer of thick and solid armor

which quickly sank and embedded itself on the surface of his skin, tightly enveloping his entire body.

The sight of his own body left Zen in a dismal state. "You didn't provide me with an origin-level bloodline. You did this to prevent me from letting my blood out again!"

The ancestry-level bloodline seemed unwilling to let Zen separate from it and now this disgusting armor had overtaken his body to prevent him from harming himself and allowing any of it to leave.

"This is not enough to fight them.

Aren't you afraid of being found out by them?"

Zen added a few more threatening remarks, but the ancestry-level bloodline just ignored him and didn't move.


The Pear Hill still shook slightly.

Yan's proficiency in attacking with the Energy Shaft was improving greatly and the golden light blades were being released faster and faster. They had now almost dug up an entire moat around the Pear Hill.

Herbert continued driving the growth of the blue pillars. However, as Yan sped up her actions, the blue pillars that surrounded the Pear Hill began weakening and a huge gap appeared among them.

If it went on like this, Yan could possibly completely suppress Herbert.

As for the balls Othniel had thrown in, Judson had grabbed them all one by one.

The Pear Hill was humongous, but destroying a province was still an easy task for the Chaos Ancient Gods. The energy Othniel and Herbert had released was already enough to destroy the Pear Hill several times.


, the black snake had already bitten her on the neck and her body fell lifeless...



The disciples of the Heavenly Shuttle Sect fell into a panic. Some stepped back, some tried to protect the sect leader and some attacked the black snake in vengeance.

However, the black snake was incredibly quick and they could not track it with the spiritual sense.

They stood no chance against it; almost all the Heavenly Shuttle Sect's disciples were killed within 30 seconds. Only a few smart and shrewd disciples managed to escape using the Grand Teleportation technique.

Such massacres were taking place all across the Pear Hill.

The Snake Goddess, Fuxi and the others couldn't locate the black snakes, but they sensed the hysteria, horror and fear among the commotion.

The Snake Goddess and Fuxi were getting agitated as their numbers started dwindling.

"All sect leaders and mountain leaders, please do whatever you can to kill those black snakes!"

She issued the order and flashed to the Heavenly Shuttle Sect. Her heart sank and broke when she saw their members fall to the ground, one after the other.

The black snake hunted for a while and now wished to hide in the mountain. But before it could drill into the ground, the Snake Goddess got hold of it!

It struggled in her grip and black flames burst out from it, burning the Snake Goddess' white fingers, contorting and charring them. But she seemed to feel no pain. She used the energy of the shadow of Snake Goddess to suppress the snake and smash it to pieces!

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