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   Chapter 3909 Compromise

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This round of attack was blocked, but Othniel sneered as he said, "Can you block the attack every time?"

The attacks from Othniel and Herbert were mainly aimed at destroying the fragile creatures in the Pear Hill.

It was a good idea and was working so far.

The energy that Yan's Energy Shaft had released was so powerful that even the Chaos Ancient Gods couldn't bear it.

Only if Othniel and Herbert killed a large number of disciples, sect leaders and mountain leaders in the Pear Hill would Yan's foundation no longer exist.

Buzz, buzz, buzz...

Five more huge balls appeared before Othniel. Once a large number of space spikes were compressed in the five balls, Othniel gently raised his hand and sent the five balls to the Pear Hill.

"Let me deal with this alone!"

Judson's huge figure flashed above the Pear Hill. He was moving so fast that it gave people whiplash.

His figure split into five, each figure holding a Heavenly Glazed Goblet in their hands.

Bang, bang, bang!

With five cracking sounds, the Heavenly Glazed Goblets caught the balls pretty accurately.

After the balls exploded, the spikes in the inner part of the balls could do nothing to the Heavenly Glazed Goblets. Judson had single-handedly blocked Othniel's attack.

When Othniel sensed this, he merely snorted but didn't adjust his methods. He still compressed the spikes inside the spheres, and sent them into the Pear Hill.

But no matter how many spheres Othniel sent in, Judson blocked every single one of them.

In the Pear Hill, the Snake Goddess had returned to the jadeite platform, her eyes gloomy.

The Pear Hill had resisted the attacks of the two Chaos Ancient Gods. But this was still way below the Snake Goddess's expectations.

"Othniel is so irritating! We keep defending the Pear Hill, but he is patient and just won't break in!" the Snake Goddess said, frowning.

The Pear Hill was powerful. The Snake Goddess had arranged a great counterattack method in the Pear Hill to deal with the Chaos Ancient Gods. She wanted to see which one of the Gods attacked first.

Her intuition told her that Othniel would be the first to break in.

But Othniel wasn't stupid. He did what Herbert had done. He

rits Sect were interested in the ancestry-level bloodline.

"If you help me, they won't catch me. I don't know what will happen if you don't help me," Zen said, threat evident in his voice.

He had barely finished speaking when the blood beast roared again. Zen felt his body stiffen. His blood dragged his legs away, wanting to escape.

He had just taken a step forward when Zen himself erupted with power.

His legs were now tied together, and he fell to the ground.

"How can I let you get what you want?" Zen said with a smile.

He stood up from the ground as he spoke. Forced by the blood to run forward, he quietly exerted his strength and tripped himself again.

The ancestry-level bloodline could only control Zen's physical body through his blood. But Zen's body still had bones and meridians.

He still had the upper hand in the fight for the control of his body.

Of course, this seemed only a temporary solution. The future was uncertain. Zen was obviously worried about it.

Perhaps it had completely understood Zen's words, or perhaps it had realized that it couldn't change Zen's mind for the time being. The little blood beast that was still outside Zen's body groaned as if begging for mercy, and jumped onto Zen's shoulder.

It didn't get in through the wound on Zen's right arm, but waited for Zen's permission.

"Are you willing to compromise?" Zen said, smugly overjoyed. "You should at least let me get an origin-level bloodline theurgy."

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