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   Chapter 3908 A Game Of Seesaw

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These blue pillars were enough to seal the whole Pear Hill. Once they were formed, it would be difficult to break even if Gerald and Judson joined forces to try.

As such, Herbert was very confident it was foolproof.

However, just as the blue pillars were rising into the sky, a faint golden light shot towards them like a streak of lightning.

As soon as he saw the golden light beam, Herbert gasped. He could feel the immense power contained in it. Spreading out his hands instinctively, he released truth energy from his palms and directed it towards the blue pillars.

Then, the blue pillars were coated in a light blue film, which stabilized them.


As soon as the pale golden light hit the blue pillars, it exploded violently. The once stable blue pillars immediately shook like toothpicks, and many even collapsed.

Even Othniel was shocked when he felt the power of the golden light.

It was very easy to distinguish the truth energy. This golden light was obviously not a kind of truth energy from Gerald or Judson, nor could it be from the Snake Goddess or Fuxi. However, if that were the case, then who else in the Pear Hill was strong enough to release such energy?

Quickly recovering from his initial shock, Herbert snorted, "It won't be that easy to destroy my prison."

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

From the area where blue pillars collapsed, new ones sprung from the earth to quickly replace them, like a hydra.

Herbert might have been the most quiet among the six Chaos Ancient Gods, but he was also the most determined. Once he decided to make a move, he would prepare solutions to deal with every possible situation he might face.

In his eyes, it was futile for the Pear Hill to use powerful energy to stop the prison from forming. He knew that he'd be able to deal with whatever they threw his way.

From the peak of the Pear Hill, Yan smiled as she watched the golden beam knock down multiple blue pillars.

Tens of thousands of living beings of the Pear Hill were here, including her brother, the Snake Goddess and Fuxi...

This was their last stronghold. No way in hell was she going to sit back and watch it be destroyed before her.

"What the--"

When Yan saw the new blue pillars emerging from the ground, the smile was wiped from her face, and her eyes flashed coldly. Through gritted teeth, she muttered, "Let's see if you can grow pillars faster than I can chop them down."

As soon as she finished speaking, she flicked her ten fingers.

Instantly, the ener

land on a sect in the Pear Hill, the entire sect would be destroyed, and the people inside would also be crushed to a pulp.

Even the arrays set up on the mountains along the way were destroyed by the spikes.

Seeing that his attack was working, Othniel continued. Three more round balls appeared in front of him, and at the same time, more spikes squeezed in.

In a flash of blue light, more balls were sent into the Pear Hill.

But by now, the Pear Hill knew what to expect.

In a flash, Judson appeared in front of one of the balls, and a glazed goblet had appeared in his hand. It was the Heavenly Glazed Goblet.


Judson threw it at the ball. The goblet swallowed it instantly.


The round ball exploded inside the glazed goblet. The countless spikes were effectively blocked by the goblet's shell.

Meanwhile, the second ball was swallowed by Gerald, who had appeared just in time.

The spikes might cause damage to Gerald's body, but ordinary injuries were nothing to him.

The Snake Goddess handled the last ball.

While she might be inferior to Gerald and Judson in terms of strength, she was still extremely clever and wise. The instant the third ball appeared over the Pear Hill, she had tossed a thin rope towards it. The moment the rope looped around the ball, it was transported into the interior of the Pear Hill.

The area in the center of the Pear Hill was incredibly vast. Even though the ball exploded inside the Pear Hill, the walls of the mountain were too incredibly thick that the spikes just buried themselves into the mountain after traveling tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of feet in the rock stratum.

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