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   Chapter 3907 Yan's Golden Dress

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Herbert was the most gentle among the six Chaos Ancient Gods.

However, he had chosen the Purge Way because, on behalf of the Element Spirit race, the Yellow Thearch had promised him that the chaos would exist forever.

Herbert didn't care much for his own life, but the Yellow Thearch's words piqued his interest.

In the previous round of chaos, most of his clansmen had perished when the Finale Way was being executed. Even his one true love didn't make it out alive. This was one of the main reasons why he wasn't swayed by Fuxi.

In Herbert's eyes, Fuxi indeed had a great talent, but there was almost no possibility of him completing the Finale Way.

"When the end comes, we won't stand a chance," said Othniel gravely.

Once the chaos reached a certain extent, the needle would emerge.

The people who advocated the Purge Way now needed to eliminate anyone who was obsessed with the Finale Way, and then lastly, they needed to exterminate all the other creatures in the Source World.

As a matter of fact, they had already started the process of extermination.

Previously, Othniel played a big role in killing creatures in three hundred provinces.

"Well, what're we waiting for?" Herbert was already fully aware of the situation at hand, and had resigned himself to his fate. Thus, he saw no need to hesitate.

Othniel nodded. Just then, a human flew towards them from the ground.

He was a native of the Taoism Province. He had once been to the Pear Hill for further study, and now his cultivation base was at the ninth stage of the Other Shore Realm.

Facing the huge figures before him, he surprisingly felt calm. Mustering up all his strength, he shouted at the two Chaos Ancient Gods, "Great Chaos Ancient Gods! The chaos created you for the completion of the Finale Way, not the other way around!"

Most of the people who had acknowledged the Finale Way believed that the Chaos Ancient Gods should unite together.

But in the end, things went awry. There was a great divide among the Chaos Ancient Gods.

Othniel looked at the tiny human expressionlessly. A ray of light suddenly flashed in his huge eye, and the human found that he couldn't move, frozen in the air.


With a crisp sound, the miniscule human shattered into countless pieces.

Every fragment floated aimlessly in the space.

Herbert frowned at his fellow Chaos Ancient God. As he pointed at the fragment

s and mortals were mostly at the foot of the Pear Hill.

Upon hearing Yan's voice, the disciples sat cross-legged and channeled their strength into the golden arrays before them.

Each small golden magic array was a branch. The branches converged into the nine arteries, and the power of the nine arteries finally converged into Yan's "golden dress".

As the energy surged along the golden magic arrays, the white clouds that shrouded the Pear Hill rumbled with activity.


The power contained in the "golden dress" became terrifyingly strong. After a few moments, it had collected all the complex energy of the disciples of the Pear Hill.

It was impossible to harness this much energy without the help of the Energy Shaft.

Seeing how everyone was doing their part and sending energy her way, Yan gently touched the magic array with her fingers. The second her fingers connected with the magic array, the energy burst upwards and shot towards the Energy Shaft.

With the guidance of the Calculation Civilization, her Energy Shaft had been greatly improved in a short period of time.

However, the Calculation Civilization had also told her that this was still not the complete version of the Energy Shaft. If the expected Energy Shaft was actualized, wars would be completely eradicated. Such an Energy Shaft would bring infinite power and infinite strength.

Raising her right hand resolutely, Yan pointed towards the blue pillars in the distance.


she cried.

Obediently, the Energy Shaft above her head shot out a pale golden light, which rushed towards the blue pillars.

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