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   Chapter 3906 Gathering

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Despite having spent so much effort, Gerald had failed to suppress the bloodline within Zen's body—it was rather embarrassing.

All he knew was that Zen had fused with a powerful bloodline, but he couldn't tell the bloodline's grade or rank in the Eternal Scroll Painting, and Zen hadn't given him all the information.

"The power of the bloodline is simply inconceivable." After a moment of being awestruck, Gerald insisted on giving it another go. "I'll call Judson over to help!"

From the looks of it, it seemed he wouldn't stop until he managed to help Zen suppress his bloodline.

After hearing what Gerald asked him to do, Judson also showed great interest.

It was because of their special bloodlines that the Chaos Ancient Gods were all powerful. Naturally, they were highly concerned about other unique and powerful bloodlines as well.

Once Judson came over, he discussed the matter with Gerald. The two then worked together to suppress Zen's bloodline, but with disappointing results.

The ancestry-level bloodline remained at the top in terms of energy level, and it could work out energy that restrained the enemy's energy, accomplishing a great task with little effort by clever maneuvers.

Although they tried both the internal and external forces, neither of them worked.

This time around, even the Primeval Lord of Heaven didn't know what to do with it.

"When I first entered the Supreme Pure Realm, I encountered over a hundred crises. Sometimes, even after trying every single available means, I still couldn't overcome certain obstacles," said the Primeval Lord of Heaven. "But at the time, I didn't complain. It was my first time entering the Supreme Pure Realm. Everything was so strange...I needed to explore it all step by step, even fighting with my life..."

Entering a strange domain meant coming across more unknown difficulties and dangers, but he also gained much from it.

Zen's ancestry-level bloodline was truly powerful.

No one in even the Four Spirits Sect had obtained the complete ancestry-level bloodline.

This 'unknown' served as a great test for Zen, as well as a great opportunity.

As for how to control the ancestry-level bloodline, all he could do was explore step by step.

After returning to the Dark Haze Peak, Zen tried communicating with the ancestry-level bloodline to see if there was any turn of events.

In the Victory Province beside the Pear Hill were many black ships i

thniel would make a move.

While waiting, Othniel also contacted the Divine Farmer to ask for the necessary support from the Element Spirit race. The latter delivered the Element Spirit race's message, telling him that they would take action at the most critical moment.

But Othniel could sense the bitterness in the Divine Farmer's tone.

While Claire had previously been killed by Gerald's Poison of Decomposition, she hadn't truly died. But it affected Yellow Thearch, nearly killing him.

If the Element Spirit race still wanted to directly participate in the war, the Divine Farmer himself was going to be the next victim—it was definitely not something the Divine Farmer was willing to see.

But at this point, he had no choice.


A strangely-shaped cage suddenly appeared in the air above the Taoism Province.

Its structure was truly exquisite, like a well-crafted artwork.

A space fluctuation emerged from it before a great figure appeared—it was none other than Herbert, one of the Chaos Ancient Gods.

He had no intention to hide his arrival whatsoever. When his great body left the cage, his aura spread in all directions like an invisible storm, wandering throughout the entire Taoism Province.

The aura contained a form of truth energy that could imprison everything—all the living beings in the entire province were suppressed, left unable to breathe.

"This day arrived earlier than I expected," Herbert said slowly.

His stand was not as firm as Lamont's or Othniel's.

For so long, he had Fuxi trapped, giving him the chance to persuade him to change side, but the latter failed.

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