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   Chapter 3905 The Problem Of The Ancestry-level Bloodline

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The Dark Haze Peak was a place of cultivation in the Pear Hill. The pool looked small, but was in fact ten thousand feet deep.

A drop of the ancestry-level blood could instantly cause the water in the pool to evaporate. The heat emanating off of it was not to be underestimated.


The blood at the bottom of the pool began to lengthen before Zen's eyes. It was ten feet long before it stopped. It then drilled into the Dark Haze Peak.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks sounded from within the peak as the blood began to cut the peak.

It had gone rogue just because Zen hadn't accepted it. And at the rate it was going, it looked like it was threatening Zen by saying that it would destroy everything if he didn't accept it.


Zen was rendered speechless. He was no longer treating it as a drop of blood, but as a living being.

A while later, a neat cut appeared on one side of the Dark Haze Peak.

If given enough time, this drop of blood could hack the Dark Haze Peak to dust.

Zen had no choice but to stretch out his right hand, in order to summon it back.

He then felt a strange fluctuation of the ancestry-level bloodline in his body, as if it was releasing a signal to make that drop of blood return to him.

That drop of blood seemed to have ears. At the summons from the bloodline in Zen's body, it quickly rushed back and drilled into his finger.

Zen had originally planned to accept this drop of blood, but his face darkened as he felt the difference of the ancestry-level bloodline in his body. He flicked his finger once again, sending the drop of blood flying outwards.

How could he allow his blood to master his own body?

He had already sensed back in the square that the process of his fusion with the bloodline was slightly different from that of others.

According to the Primeval Lord of Heaven, once the bloodline was successfully absorbed, it would become a part of him.

He might not be proficient in using the theurgy bestowed by the bloodline in the beginning. But he would become more and more skillful as time passed and with constant use.

The bloodline was part of the body. It wouldn't cause trouble without reaso

level bloodline could dissolve any kind of energy, and Zen probably wouldn't be able to refine it by himself. "It looks like we'll have to turn to external forces."

"External forces?" Zen repeated thoughtfully. "You mean Gerald's power?"

"Yes," the Primeval Lord of Heaven said, nodding.

Gerald had mastered the life truth, while Judson had mastered the creation truth.

Zen didn't hesitate. Now that he was facing a formidable enemy, a war would break out at any time. And before that happened, he had to solve this hidden trouble in his body. Gerald was trustworthy.

Zen went to visit Gerald and told him about the bloodline. Gerald was surprised at the weirdness of the story but thought it was understandable.

The bloodline that Zen had obtained was too powerful.

As the Son of Truth who was in charge of the life truth, Gerald was familiar with bloodlines. He thought for a while before turning towards Zen and taking action.

He punctured Zen's back. When the truth energy was injected into his body, it disappeared without a trace, just like the net array.

Although Gerald knew the characteristics of Zen's bloodline, he was still a little unconvinced. He didn't believe that he couldn't suppress the bloodline.

The truth energy was again infused and dispersed into Zen's body.

Gerald became tired but the ancestry-level bloodline in Zen's body remained the same.

The bloodline remained unaffected, seemingly invincible.

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