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   Chapter 3904 The Strength Of The Statue

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The nearest cave on the plain was only a few hundred feet away. With a few strides, Geoffrey arrived in an instant and went in.

The caves on the plain seemed to be empty, but each one had a very unique and terrifying interior.

There was one which was filled with corrosive liquids, another containing poisonous gases floating within, and another one with a scorching hot interior as if a sun was stored in it.

Closely behind, a statue was chasing after him at an incredible speed. Before he knew it, the statue was just about ten feet away from him.

Without any hesitation, he jumped into the nearest cave, dragging Ziya along.


The statue's goal was to hunt down the intruders. Even after Geoffrey successfully left the pillar, the statue still chased after him and was determined to kill him.

As Geoffrey and Ziya jumped in, the statue followed them.

Buzz! Buzz!

Thousands of light dots, like a torrential rain, drilled into the cave below.

The two quickly turned into their normal forms, as they continued to fall into the cave.

Ziya instantly analyzed their situation, quickly grabbed the rope around his waist, and pulled Geoffrey towards him.

Just as he steadied himself, a whistling sound came from above. He saw that the statue stretched out its big hand and tried to grab his head.

The statues on the pillars didn't possess extraordinary abilities. However, their bodies were extremely sturdy, and their movements were incredibly fast. With just brute strength and speed to rely on, they still couldn't be underestimated.

Ziya knew that if the statue got a hold of his head, it would be crushed easily.

Fortunately, he was a smart man. He never took his opponents lightly and was always alert at his surroundings.

He instantly realized that the statue was not easy to deal with.

With his quick reflexes, he drew his head back, and the statue missed.

At the same time, he did not waste the opportunity for a counterattack. With a wave of his hand, a golden whip shadow shot towards the statue.


The moment the God Lashing Whip touched the statue, a deafening explosion resounded.

It was so loud that Geoffrey couldn't help covering his ears as he shouted in pain. Blood started dripping to his fingers that were covering his ears.

Ziya immediately saw Geoffrey's condition so he reached out his hand, grabbed him, and stuffed him into the space channel. Now, he could focus on dealing with

lure the other statues down."

Ziya clearly knew about the function of the four pillars, so he didn't want this opportunity to slip by.

"You want me to lure them down? But what if I can't escape?" Geoffrey said in a trembling voice.

The first statue was shabby, and its intellect wasn't so high. If Geoffrey encountered a statue that possessed a high level of intelligence, it might be difficult for him to escape.

"Don't worry. Just deal with them the same way as you did with the first one." Ziya stretched out his hand, and the Truth of Three-Energy Construction began to operate. The rope that tied him and Geoffrey continued to lengthen.

The plan was Ziya would stay behind while Geoffrey returned to the pillars.

If something unexpected should happen, he could tell Ziya immediately through the rope so that he could pull him back instantly.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Haze Peak of the Pear Hill, a droplet of blood dripped from the wound on Zen's fingertip.

The droplet of extremely thick ancestry-level blood fell into a clear pool.

As it splashed into the water, the blood continued to sink without dispersing.

Suddenly, the droplet of blood stopped sinking, jumped out of the pool, and rushed back towards the wound on Zen's finger.

Like a small red bug, Zen flicked the droplet back into the pool.

It splashed into the pool again. This time, it wandered around the pool and sank into the bottom.

Immediately after, the temperature within the entire pool rapidly rose.

Due to intense heat, a thick white mist began springing up.

Soon after, the clear water in the pool had completely evaporated.

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