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   Chapter 3903 Trigger

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The four massive pillars had some sort of a strict ruling in which every thread was not to be touched or moved.

No one was allowed to change their positions without authorization.

Anyone who broke the rule would have to face severe consequences.

After Geoffrey moved one of the threads, at the end of the staircase, a statue suddenly came to life. Its eyes glowed a red light, and its body trembled slightly.


Fortunately for Geoffrey, this statue had been asleep for countless years and was practically a few steps away from disintegrating into a pile of dust. If this had taken place a while back, the statue would've leapt into action immediately, killing the intruders on the spot.

However, it was way past its prime. Its stone body had practically melded into the ground it stood upon.

Statues weren't supposed to rot, but this one did. In comparison, the four statues of the Eternal Divine Courtyard were much luckier.

Because of the existence of the Time Lock, they were destined to continue in pristine condition, unlike the statue that angrily flashed its red eyes at Geoffrey.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The statue felt the energy fluctuations coming from the pillar, and desperately tried to free its legs from the ground.

However, it didn't take long before all its energy was used up, and its eyes quickly dimmed till it was lifeless once more.

This whole time, Geoffrey didn't know what was going on above. Upon climbing to the 500th stair, he found that the threads of light here were connected to much more Other Shore Tokens.

Stretching out his hand, he lightly brushed some threads of light closest to him, and had visions pertaining to where the Other Shore Tokens were located.

"This inner world is full of fish," he cried in amusement, as the Other Shore Tokens revealed to him many different inner worlds.

"What a disgusting inner world! There is sticky blood everywhere.

None of these looks enticing..."

Finally, Geoffrey found an inner world full of humans.

"This guy must be a human..."

Geoffrey didn't know whether the owner of this inner world was friend or foe, nor did he care. The only thing on his mind now was his insatiable curiosity with a hint of mischievousness.

Without any hesitation, he dug out the square stone under the thread and inserted it into the first black pit on the inner side.

Meanwhile, in the Rose Sect of Pear Hi

ed Ziya on his right shoulder.

All Ziya could see were the dense light dots in front of him. He knew that Geoffrey had climbed up the pillar.

Without the slightest hesitation, he reached out to slap whatever was in front of him.


Normally, creatures in the Abstruse Energy World wouldn't stand a chance against Ziya's palm attack.

However, the statue on the pillar was by no means ordinary. Even a blow from Ziya just caused it to shake its head in a daze for a moment, but it quickly recovered.

"Damn it!"

When Geoffrey saw this scene, his eyes widened in fear. Ziya was probably no match for the statue, at least not in this form.

In a rush, he grabbed Ziya's hand and yanked him towards the edge of the stair. Together, they jumped off the pillar and plummeted to the ground.


Upon landing on the ground, Geoffrey immediately jumped up and helped Ziya up as well.

Ziya was confused. How did they fall? He didn't recall feeling any sort of impact from the statue's counterattack.

However, when he stood up, he positioned his hands, ready to strike again. To his surprise, he felt Geoffrey yanking at the rope.

No matter what happened, he had to follow Geoffrey, so he didn't have the time to try attacking again and decided to follow Geoffrey.

The statue was not going to let Geoffrey go. Muttering something under its breath, the statue quickly spiraled down the stairs.

As they ran, Geoffrey kept one eye on the pillar behind him. Then, he narrowed his eyes ruthlessly.

If he couldn't deal with the statue here, he would have to lead it into the real world.

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