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   Chapter 3902 Changing The Location

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Geoffrey took a good, long look at the thread but still couldn't figure out its use.

Just as he was about to reach for it in an attempt to pull it closer, a scene flashed in front of his eyes.

He saw a golden beach, picturesque and beautiful, with the cold seawater that constantly surged at the edges.

His pupils contracted as he took in the sight. "Is this the Sea of Truth?" he muttered to himself.

He traced the length of the thread and discovered that it was connected to a grain of sand on the beach.

He found himself filled with awe and confusion. "Could it be that such a long thread connects to a single grain of sand?"

He then remembered Ziya told him that the energy of all Other Shore Tokens came from the Abstruse Energy World.

Geoffrey asked him how exactly the energy was transmitted, but Ziya couldn't answer. After all, it wasn't a subject Ziya dabbled in.

The concept of space in the Abstruse Energy World was completely different from that of the chaos. Now Geoffrey perceived this thread was very long, but in fact, it might not be necessarily true.

"A grain of sand connects to a thread. If that is the case, then..."

As he was thinking, he took a step forward and onto the second stair. He was now on the second page and suddenly, dozens of threads appeared.

Geoffrey reached out for the threads and saw every single scene at the end of each one.

"Sand, sand, sand, and sand..."

It was as he had predicted. Each thread connected to a grain of sand on that golden beach. The threads grew in number but the scene stayed almost exactly the same.

Upon the realization that the pages at the bottom might just contain endless sand, Geoffrey decided to draw Ziya and climb up the stairs.

The spiral staircase formed out of the pages. The further he went, the greater the number of threads that appeared was.

Each time he passed by a page, Geoffrey would reach out just to check and found each page was full of sand.

Just as he thought that maybe there was nothing else to see, he finally came upon a new discovery. He had arrived on the tenth page and found that the thread connected to a grain of sand, much like the others, except this particular grain was fused with

ght. The amount of power contained within the stone also rose by more than ten times!

Two horse-faced creatures that resided in Stage Two sensed the powerful aura that was suddenly released from the distance.

"What in the world happened over there?"

These two were from the Triumph race, a very small group of horse-faced creatures in the Source World. They had no might nor any fame to their name.

They had stayed in Stage Two of the Other Shore all this time because their Souls of Light were nowhere near strong enough to reach the higher stage.

The two of them made the trek towards the Three-layer Stone and could not contain their amazement when they reached their destination.

"Shouldn't a Three-layer Stone normally contain only two or three divine megatons of power?"

"Yeah, but why does this one seem to have dozens of divine megatons of power?!"

"I can feel its scorching aura! It seems to contain some sort of special fire ability!"

"It's at the highest grade!"

Their hearts boiled with excitement. The two of them had spent so many years here in Stage Two, but they suddenly came upon this strange Other Shore Token that could reverse their fortune!

Nobody would believe a single word they said about this incident.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey, who had seen all of this unfold, felt a strange feeling in his heart. It was when he raised his head to look at the endless black column that he realized it was the overwhelming feeling of omnipotence!

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