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   Chapter 3901 The Black Pages

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The spiritual attack that Judson launched relied on the soul. It was energy in essence.

The abilities of the spiritual level in the ancestry-level bloodline were mostly gathered in the area symbolizing life.

The moment the illusory world enveloped Zen's body, the ancestry-level bloodline started to react. Zen felt a chill rushing up from his back and integrating into his soul. In the blink of an eye, the huge world was broken.

Judson stared at Zen with amazement. "The person you chose is really extraordinary, Gerald," he said just before blotting out the expression on his face.

Gerald took a slight glance at Judson. A moment ago, Judson thought he oversold Zen, but now his attitude changed.

Gerald floated out of the pool. "Zen, this is another Chaos Ancient God, Judson," he said.

He motioned to Zen to come closer for an introduction.

"Master Judson," Zen greeted Judson politely, cupping his hands towards him. It seemed that the spiritual attack Judson had launched was just a test for him.

"You really are an exceptional young man," said Judson as he narrowed his eyes, appearing as if he expected highly of him. "The bloodline you have been infused must be the origin-level bloodline. It happens to be the bloodline that can resist the soul attack, right?"

If the origin-level bloodline that Zen obtained could strengthen his soul, then it made sense that he was able to easily resist Judson's attack.

Gerald chuckled. "Judson, you can try another way," he suggested.

Judson felt strange about Gerald's request, but he did as he was told.

He stretched out his claw towards Zen's head, and an indefectible glazed goblet appeared out of nowhere. It flew towards Zen, trapping him with no escape.

Strong energy engulfed the entirety of the goblet. It was obviously not an ordinary object.


As the energy surged inside the goblet, Zen felt a great debilitating pressure running through his veins and across his body.

If his cultivation base was lower than the Eternal Realm, the energy could have crushed him.

Zen stretched out his finger and lightly tapped the transparent wall, digging a small hole.


The great pressure in the goblet was unleashed from t


After a long and tiring journey, they reached a spot close to the four huge black pillars. A strange plain with big and small caves suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Could those caves be worlds?" Geoffrey wondered as they walked towards them.

He pulled Ziya into one of the caves. They explored the inside and found that he guessed right.

The worlds were similar to the chaos. There were independent spaces within, which were not as vast as the worlds they knew. They were much smaller.

Just as before, dead silence filled the caves. No living being thrived as there was no evidence of life.

Geoffrey had given up exploring and moved towards the four giant pillars. At the end of the plain was the nearest black pillar.

After passing through each round cave on the seemingly unending plain, Geoffrey finally saw the huge pillar in front of him.

The pillar seemed to be formed by numerous pages of book. The thick and huge pages were placed in a spiral, forming an upward stair.

Walking to the side of the pillar, Geoffrey reached out his hand and touched a black page. To his surprise, his hand felt that it was not made of paper, but of solid stone.

He blinked his eyes in disbelief and proceeded to step on a stair.


The moment he stepped on the stair, a light orange thread appeared and flew into the distant sky.

Geoffrey frowned and looked at the thread, confused.

It seemed that the thread was headed to the direction of the chaos.

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