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   Chapter 3900 Judson's Test

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Salome's blood vitality was extremely exuberant, thanks to the tonics that Zen had collected before she was born.

With the abundant resources of the Source World, she was born much stronger compared to the children of ordinary warriors.

It was safe to say that in terms of strength alone, she was as strong as the warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm in the Eastern Region. In the near future, she would definitely be an outstanding warrior in the Source World and would have a great chance to reach the True God Realm much faster than the others at her age.

With her innate talent, she could obtain twice the expected result with just half the effort. Her cultivation would even be much faster than Geoffrey's.

While Zen was staying in the fairy palace, he told his wives what was happening outside. He knew that they might worry so he tried his best to describe and explain the situation with more optimism.

Margaret, Lavender, and the others didn't think much about it, and just believed whatever Zen told them. However, Letitia immediately sensed that there was something wrong going on.

The Oneness Sky Palace, which was considered one of the most powerful forces in the entire Source World, had been destroyed. This would surely entail a drastic change. With this, Zen must be worried about the capability of the Pear Hill to survive the upcoming challenges.

After leaving his inner world, Zen returned to the hall and there he saw his sister, Yan, sitting with legs crossed, with a triangular shaft floating in front of her.

The green figure of the Calculation Civilization kept whispering in her ear as she did what it said.

The Snake Goddess and Fuxi were also there on the sides, watching Yan with faces full of expectation.

Since the green figure had already fully explained the principles, it would just be a matter of time for her to improve and take the Energy Shaft one level further.

As the Snake Goddess saw Zen return to the hall, she whispered to him, "If Yan can bring the Energy Shaft to level five, it would be a great help to the Pear Hill. We need all the forces that we could acquire right now."

Since the Pear Hill was in dire need of powerful warriors, Yan's breakthrough would be perfect timing.

Upon hearing this, Zen smiled and responded, "Actually, I have two other great warriors in mind that will be a great help for us. But that's only possible if you and the Human Sovereign are willing to cooperate."

"What do you mean?" The Snake Goddess's eyes flashed with intrigue.

lking about? I want to meet him," Judson said outright.

Gerald mentioned Zen when he was trying to recruit Judson on their side. Since Judson didn't know Zen, he found Gerald's stories about him quite inconceivable.

Eventually, Gerald called Zen over to meet Judson.

As soon as Zen climbed to the pool, he saw a bradypod-like creature wave his hand at him. At the same moment, he felt a strange wave of spiritual energy rush towards him. In an instant, an illusory world surrounded and enveloped him.

Inside the illusory world, there was no way to know if it was day or night. There were mazes everywhere and the atmosphere was disharmonious.

'A spiritual attack?'

Zen suddenly became vigilant. He perceived that the world he was in was obviously a spiritual illusion.

Although his soul had already reached the Holy Soul Realm, had nine Holy Soul Imprints and was much stronger than those of ordinary Eternal Realm warriors, it still wasn't easy for him to break free from Judson's truth-level theurgy using the strength of his Holy Soul alone.

"Don't you think you oversold this guy?" Judson said to Gerald as he shook his head in disappointment. With all that he heard about Zen, he thought that Zen should be able to easily break free from the illusion that he made.

However, just seconds after, Judson felt unusual vitality burst out from Zen's body. It was supposed to be a kind of soul aura, but he was sure that it came from Zen's body.

While Judson was still confused, he suddenly widened his eyes and felt that the illusion he had created began to collapse. Before he could understand what was going on, the illusory world was completely destroyed by Zen.

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