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   Chapter 3899 Salome

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Yan's senses snapped alert at the appearance of the green figure transformed from the core of Heavenly Obsession Civilization.

The Snake Goddess had repeatedly advised her not to show the Energy Shaft to anyone.

Yan wouldn't agree even if Fuxi wanted to take a look.

This green figure had emerged from her brother's body, but she wouldn't show it the Energy Shaft without the Snake Goddess's consent.

"Are you confident enough to strengthen the Energy Shaft?"

the Snake Goddess asked as she walked into the hall.

The Energy Shaft was special, and she had tried every means to strengthen it.

She had tried to use the ice crystals from extremely cold places in the depths of the chaos, the precious meteorite from the Source World, and all kinds of other special materials. But none of them had any effect on the Energy Shaft.

The Energy Shaft was an independent object, barely reacting to the outside world.

The Snake Goddess didn't know who this green figure was. Why was it able to give Zen so much confidence about strengthening the Energy Shaft?

Zen's theurgies were undoubtedly powerful, but even he couldn't strengthen the Energy Shaft.

Even if he had absorbed the Civilization Artifacts, it would be impossible for him to do anything to the Energy Shaft, even with the help of the thirty-nine human heroes in his mind.

The Snake Goddess posed this question to the green figure in disbelief.

"Yes," the green figure replied. "If I'm not mistaken, you used the Quantity and Energy Method to refine the Energy Shaft. According to the energy reaction in her body, the Energy Shaft has now reached the fourth level. And you want to improve it to the fifth or even the sixth level. Am I right?"

The Snake Goddess's eyebrows shot up. "The Quantity and Energy Method is a method left behind by the Calculation Civilization. I'm not surprised that you know it. I know that there have been many civilizations interested in the Energy Shaft throughout the chaotic eras. But very few people are able enough to improve it to the fourth level, let alone the fifth and the sixth ones. I obviously want to, but I can't do it now."

The Snake Goddess meant that since she couldn't do it, the green figure coul

n to smile through her tears.

Zen looked at the scroll, confused. On it was just one Sanskrit word. He was stunned.

Knowing that Zen would be curious, Margaret explained, "Salome seems to be innately interested in Sanskrit words. Just like Geoffrey."

When Salome had started to cry and kept at it one day back in the past, Margaret hurried to visit Letitia with the baby in her arms. At the time, Letitia had been cultivating in seclusion to comprehend the Truth of Godly Way. When Salome saw the Sanskrit words, she immediately stopped crying and became quiet and curious.

From then on, Margaret had used Sanskrit words to coax and mollify her daughter and had been doing it for a few months.

When Geoffrey deciphered the Sanskrit words, he didn't try to form conjectures about them. He understood their meanings by instinct.

At her young age, Salome couldn't understand the meanings of the Sanskrit words, but the Sanskrit words she saw were different from those that ordinary people saw.

The Sanskrit words meant more in her eyes.

Zen was rendered speechless as he watched his daughter stare at the Sanskrit word with a smile on her face. It looked like she could also see the light dots of the Abstruse Energy World.

It couldn't be a coincidence that both Geoffrey and Salome were interested in the Sanskrit words.

His children could easily travel through the Abstruse Energy World, but he couldn't. The more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

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