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   Chapter 3898 The Restriction Of The Energy Shaft

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The leader of a mountain stepped forward and bowed before the Snake Goddess. "Snake Goddess, why are we banned from leaving our places?"

"If an enemy were to attack, all the elites of our Hot Mountain will go all out to fight. We will even be ready to give up our lives to protect our place!" Another mountain leader stepped forward, her lips set in a firm line.

These leaders of the various mountains and sects were loyal to the Snake Goddess.

The crisis of the Pear Hill was also their crisis.

It would be a great insult to them if they couldn't stand up for it in times of danger.

The Snake Goddess looked at them in silence and then at the cloudy sky. She then said, "The battle we are going to face is not something you can participate in."

"Why can't we participate?"

"We aren't powerful enough, but we'd be pleased if we could do our bit!"

"Not even an outstanding warrior at the Holy Soul Realm like the leader of the Hot Mountain can participate?"

These mountain and sect leaders were also top-level masters at the Holy Soul Realm. If they couldn't even participate in the battle, what kind of enemy would the Pear Hill have to meet this time?

The Snake Goddess shook her head and said, "Even Fuxi and I can't protect ourselves in the battle that is to come."

The leaders froze at these words.

The people of the Pear Hill had immense confidence in the Snake Goddess and Fuxi. The reason why the Pear Hill had stood there for so many years was because of these two people.

The Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race were powerful, but if the Pear Hill could come together, these two races might not be able to defeat them.

But the Snake Goddess was telling them that even she and Fuxi couldn't be sure of the fate they were about to meet in the coming battle. This was truly inconceivable.

"What kind of powerful existence in the Source World can make it difficult for you to protect yourself?" the leader of the Hot Mountain asked. .

"Are they the Chaos Ancient Gods?" the leader of the Witching Mountain pitched in. .

The Snake Goddess nodded. "Yes, but also creatures that are stronger than them."

"Stronger than the Chaos Ancient Gods!"

"How could such creatures exist in the chaos?"


The many leaders of the mountains and the sects were stunned as the Snake Goddess told them that Other Shore creatures could descend to the Source World.

This was not a secret, and there was no need for her to hide it from her subordinates.

The mountain leaders remained silent for a moment, shocked to hear that the Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire had descended to the Source World.

The leader of the Witching Mountain said, "Even if we are really mos

n it will be really powerful," Fuxi said, shrugging.

It had been the Snake Goddess's idea to cultivate the Energy Shaft, and Fuxi hadn't thought highly of it. But what Yan had done had exceeded Fuxi's imagination.

"I don't think I can do it yet. The maximum amount of energy I can transform is seven hundred thousand divine megatons. I can't control the energy once it exceeds that amount," Yan said, shaking her head.

"Is it because your body can't bear a more powerful force?" Zen asked. .

"No." Yan frowned. "The power doesn't fall on me. It is the Energy Shaft that can't bear too much power. And I don't have a way of strengthening it!"

No one could tell what kind of substance the Energy Shaft in Yan's body was made of, making it impossible to strengthen it like the way she had done to the magic treasures.

If the strength of the Energy Shaft couldn't be increased, Yan's limit would probably be stuck where it now was.

A warrior who could control seven hundred thousand divine megatons of force could also be considered a powerful figure in the chaos. The ability had surpassed that of ordinary warriors at the Eternal Realm. The potential of the Energy Shaft was probably more than that.

Yan looked at her brother who had a faint smile on his face, and said, frowning, "Zen, why are you smiling?"

"It looks like there is a way to solve the Energy Shaft problem," Zen said, his smile broadening.

Yan blinked, as Fuxi stared at Zen, gobsmacked.

The information about the Energy Shaft had spread on the Other Shore for a while now. Now that Zen suddenly looked as if he was absolutely confident of solving the problem, they were naturally confused.

It was at this moment that a green figure appeared above Zen's head, and asked Yan, "Can you show me your Energy Shaft?"

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