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   Chapter 3897 Defending

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A frightening energy burst and flowed wildly throughout the huge triangular pyramid.

The black flames occupied almost the entire space, as if they burned up from the most ferocious hell.

And among it all, two gigantic creatures brawled like beasts in captive!

The two powerful masters had used many theurgies and were now left with only their physical bodies to end this battle.

Othniel might have had an absolute advantage in terms of spatial transference, but he still could not get the upper hand on the Grandmaster of Heaven, who was giving it all he had. In fact, he was in grave danger.

"Can this space you've created really bear my hellfire all the time?" said the Grandmaster of Heaven, sneering.

The relentless, unending black fire released from the Six Soul Flags continued burning the space, causing numerous cracks to form.

If they continued to grow, eventually the entire space would collapse with an enormous bang.

The Grandmaster of Heaven would then be free and Othniel would be no match for him.


Dozens of ten million-foot-long space blades sliced at the Grandmaster of Heaven. He responded by raising his Cyan Misty Sword and waving it gently, collapsing the space blades as soon as they were touched by the cyan light that came off the sword.

Othniel glanced at the cracks and a trace of worry crept into him, but he still allowed himself to say, "The space can withstand your flames for hundreds, even thousands of years!"

His body shuddered as he spoke and the cracks in the triangular pyramid quickly closed and the space recovered!

He was unable to defeat the Grandmaster of Heaven here. He had basically already lost. The man before him had surpassed the Chaos Ancient God.

However, Othniel could delay this battle.

The Grandmaster of Heaven looked at the rapidly healing triangular pyramid and inquired, "You wish to take Zen away, right?"

"What do you mean?" Othniel asked, staring down his opponent.

"This sort of battle is meaningless," said the Grandmaster of Heaven calmly. "They have already fled to the Pear Hill. At the very least, we should catch Zen and then we can resume this battle and find a winner!"

"You wish to call for peace?" Othniel asked astounded.

"I just think that it would allow us both to g

they'd see that it seemed the largest mountain in the Source World had been covered in snow rather quickly.

The layers of clouds spread like a waterfall, creating a wondrous and beautiful scene.

The people in the Pear Hill, however, were not pleased but worried.

This was the Cloud Cover Array, the most powerful array of the Pear Hill, which had not been opened for a great many years. Its activation meant the Pear Hill now faced an incredibly formidable enemy.

Not long ago, When the Pear Hill was under constant provocation from the Bearing race, news arrived that the temporary peace in the Source World would probably not last much longer.

The reality often came faster than rumors...

After the Cloud Cover Array was set up, the whole Pear Hill was like a giant beast crawling across the ground.

Under the jadeite platform atop the Pear Hill, the nine mountain leaders and more than two hundred grand sect leaders had already gathered and awaited orders.

From the center of the platform, the Snake Goddess glanced at the mountain leaders and the grand sect leaders and said, "All the sects and mountains have to restrain their own disciples from going out. For the next several months, no one is allowed to leave."

The mountain leaders and grand sect leaders raised their heads and looked at the Snake Goddess in astonishment, their faces filled with confusion.

The Pear Hill was in danger. They had to pledge to fight to the death to defend it. Why had the Snake Goddess suddenly issued this ban?

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