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   Chapter 3896 Rescue

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The power of the three masters at the Holy Soul Realm burning their Other Shore Tokens would be quite intimidating.

However, they had to pay the price of such power with their lives.

"But..." Flamine hesitated. If they stayed, the reinforcements would come to aid them.

She pitied the lives of these elders of the Oneness Sky Palace.

"Don't hesitate!" Pearce said seriously. "As soon as we go out, follow us," Athemar declared with determination in his eyes.

When the three of them were about to go out and burn their Other Shore Tokens, they heard a voice from above.

"Since you can't escape death anyway, I can let you die a little faster," the voice said.

Upon hearing the voice, Pearce and the others were shocked.

Elvinia tilted her head and looked up at the sky. The owner of the familiar voice stood opposite the Five-Element Emissaries.

Coincidentally the owner of the voice also looked down. Although he was a hundred thousand feet away, Elvinia felt that he was close, and a strange warm feeling filled her heart.

Ordinary people would be overjoyed if they survived a disaster, but Elvinia wasn't. The warm feeling overwhelmed her senses, and she was calm and happy.

"Is that Zen?"

"Is he awake?"

"Has he made it to the Eternal Realm?"

Even at such a critical moment, what they cared about was still whether Zen had reached the Eternal Realm or not.

If he had reached the Eternal Realm, then it naturally meant that he was stronger and might be able to defeat the Five-Element Emissaries.

Speaking of the Five-Element Emissaries, they were all stunned when they saw Zen, who appeared like a ghost.

They weren't concerned about the battles of the masters at the Eternal Realm. After all, those had nothing to do with them.

Furthermore, the Pear Hill only had Fuxi and the Snake Goddess. They should be the weakest of the three parties, and they would surely be defeated.

However, did it mean that the Pear Hill had won since Zen appeared safe and sound?

While the Five-Element Emissaries had yet to recover from their shock, the leader, the Metal Emissary, coldly said, "He is all alone, and he has just reached the Eternal Realm. He's no match for the five of us!"

The Five-Element Emissaries were extremely powerful if they worked together. They could eve

d, and then a huge scorpion tail struck the Tribulation Array of Five Elements.

Gerald didn't need to use his poison needles on the Five-Element Emissaries because they were too weak.

His scorpion tail contained a potent amount of power, which was enough to break the Tribulation Array of Five Elements and crush the Five-Element Emissaries into meat paste.

The lock that bound Zen quickly disappeared when the Tribulation Array of Five Elements got destroyed.

"We don't have much time. We need to finish the battle as soon as possible," Gerald said.

Even though only his tail was exposed, Pearce, Goran, and the others were still shocked at his aura as a Chaos Ancient God.

After all, they didn't expect that Zen came with Gerald!

Yet, it wasn't the first time that the people from the Oneness Sky Palace had seen the world. When they realized that it was the Chaos Ancient God Gerald, they all cupped their hands towards him.

Soon enough, Flamine arrived with Elvinia and Eastern Emperor Taiyi. Then everyone else jumped onto Gerald's back and headed for the Pear Hill.

While they traveled, Zen asked about Yasamin's whereabouts. Winchell, Auden, and the other elders of the Oneness Sky Palace escorted her. If they were lucky enough, they would be able to enter the Pear Hill's territory safely.

However, when he asked about Dorothy, no one responded to him. According to Elvinia, Dorothy had been missing when Yasamin got trapped. When the people of the Oneness Sky Palace moved together, they still didn't see her.

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