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   Chapter 3895 Encounter

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'This guy is really...'

Fuxi sighed silently with profound resignation.

Initially, while he was at the bottom of the chaos, he was honestly not convinced that Gerald had chosen Zen. However, now it seemed that Gerald had a foresight.

He then realized that Zen was indeed the person that they could rely on, and was also the most suitable person to complete the Finale Way in this round of chaos.

The news that Claire and the Grandmaster of Heaven fought for Zen in the Grand Plain Stage had been spread to the Pear Hill. The two top masters on the Other Shore might have already expected this.

Even so, Zen's magical bloodline was still beyond everyone's expectations.

While Fuxi was lost in thought, the Snake Goddess's eyes flashed. "Eh?"

In that moment, she sensed a strong space fluctuation in the distance. She felt as though the fluctuation contained a familiar aura and full vitality.

She then gracefully stretched out two fingers. From there, two strands of crimson energy rubbed against each other and produced a violent reaction. At the same time, the formed energy let out a sharp scream, which could be transmitted far away in the space channel.

The fluctuation in the distance suddenly stopped and swiftly approached the Snake Goddess.

Soon, an unexpected visitor appeared in the space channel. It was the Chaos Ancient God, Gerald.

Previously, he was trapped by the strange black fire released by the Grandmaster of Heaven. The black fire could hardly be put out, so it took a lot of time for him to completely extinguish it.

After successfully putting out the black fire, he hurriedly dashed forward to catch up.

However, after the fierce battle between the Grandmaster of Heaven and Fuxi, the Snake Goddess, the group had already been far away from him. Gerald continued to travel through several large provinces and unexpectedly met the Snake Goddess and the other two here.

"Are you all right?"

After taking a look at the Snake Goddess and Fuxi, he turned to look at Zen. He was most concerned about Zen. The sincerity was reflected in his tone as he spoke.

"Yeah," the Snake Goddess replied. "While the Grandmaster of Heaven was fighting with Othniel, we took the opportunity to escape."

"What happened?" Gerald asked worriedly. What he just heard had him stunned.

The Snake Goddess then told Gerald about the fact that Zen had released Othniel. The latter was so shocked upon hearing this revelation that he could not help but let out several cries in disbelief.

"However, we can't stay here for too long. If the two of them figure it out, I'm afraid they will stop fighting and start to head out for us," Gerald said quietly.

In fact, the Grandmaster of Heaven, Othniel, and Claire fo

ple in the sky. She was frowning and was confused. She didn't expect the situation to change so fast.

The day Zen was trapped in the Eternal Scroll Painting, all the people of the Oneness Sky Palace began to flee, but they were still unable to escape this chaos.

If Eastern Emperor Taiyi died, the Oneness Sky Palace would completely disappear in the Source World.

Thinking of this, Elvinia couldn't fathom what was happening. It was as if she were dreaming.

"Let us go? Huh. Do you think I'm a fool?" Pearce's cold voice floated up along the crack. He scoffed as he finished his sentence.

He had decided to fight until his last breath. There was no uncertainty in his tone or his expression.

Besides, even if he retreated, he would surely die. It was then better to take this opportunity and fight head on.

"Ha-ha! If you keep wasting time like this, you won't be able to escape death in the end. Why don't you just do as I say?"

Realizing that they wouldn't surrender, the Metal Emissary laughed wildly. Then, another Golden Toad Lightning as thick as a bucket smashed down powerfully.

Boom! Boom! Explosive sounds covered the whole area once again.

The surroundings were chaotic. Broken stones flew and dust filled the air, making it difficult to see.

Pearce, Athemar and the others tried their best to defend themselves, but in the end, they still failed. Just as what the Metal Emissary said, they would die at the bottom of the crack sooner or later.

"Let's fight them to death!"

"Lady Flamine, run away with Eastern Emperor Taiyi and Princess Elvinia. I'll pin them down!"

"Even if I die, I will die fighting and they shall die with me!"

Determination was written all over the faces of Pearce, Athemar, and Goran. They still had a way to win, and that was to burn their Other Shore Tokens.

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