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   Chapter 3894 Restrain Everything

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At that moment, a burst of blue light shone from a side of the large triangular pyramid.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared that some obscure words formed tiny dots of light.

When the blue light lit up, so did the orange light on the second side of the triangular pyramid, then the purple light on the third side, and the grey light under everyone's feet.

Fuxi looked up at the triangular pyramid and frowned.

The six Chaos Ancient Gods were undoubtedly strong, and they possessed extraordinary power of the truth-level theurgy, which relied on the chaos.

Othniel gently raised his hand, and the four light rays quickly disappeared.

Then, the blue light flashed again, and the space fluctuation immediately surrounded the triangular pyramid. In turn, the Grandmaster of Heaven, Zen, Fuxi, and the Snake Goddess all fell.

It turned out that the space rule in the triangular pyramid had changed. Since the rule that they adapted to wasn't applicable anymore, they could not stay in the air.

However, they were aware of the space rule. As soon as the blue light flashed, they sensed that something was wrong. Therefore, they quickly adapted to the new space rule.

Among them, the Snake Goddess was the fastest to adapt. After she fell for more than one hundred feet, she abruptly stopped mid-air.

Meanwhile, Fuxi and the Grandmaster of Heaven managed to stop and float in the air almost simultaneously.

The slowest one was Zen.

The blood in his body flowed around when the space rule had changed. Moreover, he understood the essence of the triangular pyramid through the ancestry-level bloodline.

He had obtained the method to break the triangular pyramid, but he still needed to adapt to the rule by himself.

That was why he fell for over a thousand feet before he barely adapted to it.

Othniel sneered when he saw that everyone had steadied themselves in just a short period. Then, the blue light dimmed, and the orange light flashed.

The rule changed again!

Everyone fell again, and they began to adapt to the new rule once more.

But just as they had adapted to it, the orange light faded, and the purple light glowed.

Othniel had set up a t

Goddess, and Zen all flew at high speed.

Although they were still in danger, Fuxi couldn't wait to ask, "How did you do it? You shouldn't be able to suppress or control both the Fishing Drum and the Grandmaster of Heaven."

When Zen casually drew a circular mark just now, it looked simple, but Fuxi felt the unique energy from it. That energy was also a kind of space power, but it was very different from Othniel's.

Othniel's space power came from the truth. And what kind of power did Zen use?

The opposite truth?

He felt amused by his guess, but that was his intuition.

On the contrary, the Snake Goddess attentively listened as she didn't have any baseless speculations.

Since Zen had entered the deepest part of the Eternal Scroll Painting and successfully came back, he must've obtained a unique bloodline power, and at least it was stronger than that of the Eye Spirit.

"I can find a way to restrain the opponents in a short period of time," Zen said.

Fuxi narrowed his eyes and gently waved his hand at Zen. The mark of the Eight Diagrams appeared on his body. "Is there any way to restrain it?"

He had never heard of a theurgy that could restrain the Grandmaster of Heaven and Othniel in a short period, so of course, he wanted to verify it in person.

In turn, Zen got up and dusted his body. The mark of the Eight Diagrams just fell off him like dust.

When Fuxi saw what happened, the corners of his eyes twitched.

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