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   Chapter 3893 Trap Everyone

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Othniel stared at Zen in horror, as if he was looking straight at a monster.

He was practically speechless.

It was only then that he finally realized why Yellow Thearch was so eager to take Zen away and why the Element Spirit race was so determined to get him.

Othniel swallowed thickly as he muttered a question to this horrifying freak in front of him. "How did you make it?"

Zen shot him an indifferent glance. "Why should I tell you? You can go out now."

Although he had fused with the ancestry-level bloodline, Zen's use of the blood was still limited in the usage of the inter-restriction properties between energies.

If worse came to worst and he had to fight head-on with beings like Othniel and Grandmaster of Heaven then he might not be able to make it.

Since he did not know much about what was happening outside, he needed to use Othniel's power.

The Grandmaster of Heaven was too busy fighting with the Snake Goddess and Fuxi that he didn't notice Zen sneakily changing the state of space in the Fishing Drum.

This change of space cut off the connection between the Grandmaster of Heaven and the space treasure.

However, the Heart-piercing Lock was a real thing connected to the Grandmaster of Heaven and the moment Zen broke the chains, the former's expression changed.

Fuxi took his opponent's distraction to his advantage and placed another mark of Eight Diagrams on the Grandmaster of Heaven's body.

Boom! Being hit by Fuxi's strike, the Grandmaster of Heaven was sent flying away. Despite the slight elevation in terms of advantage, both Fuxi and Snake Goddess felt a bit strange.

This was a life and death battle that even a powerful warrior like the Grandmaster of Heaven had to go all out with his attacks. That momentary distraction was unlike him. Did he, perhaps, encounter some sort of trouble?

No matter what sort of trouble it was, the fact remained that they were currently embroiled in a battle to the death so Fuxi and the Snake Goddess showed no mercy. Their bodies flashed as they chased after the Grandmaster of Heaven.

With no time to deal with his oncoming opponents, the Grandmaster of Heaven quickly flew backward in retreat.

He had been able to trap Othniel into the Fishing Drum effortlessly because he caught Othniel off guard. If Othniel really managed to escape, that would be the biggest trouble.

Since Othniel was still in the Fishing Drum, the Grandmaster of Heaven figured that it would take him a long time to completely break out which meant that he still had a chance to stop him

rnal Scroll Painting and managed to obtain a bloodline. He was now a warrior at the Eternal Realm!

However, it would be difficult for him to unleash his newly obtained bloodline since he just reached the Eternal Realm. There was still no way he'd be able to contend with the Grandmaster of Heaven.

Also, there was the matter of his and Othniel's emergence from the Fishing Drum. How in the world were they able to do that?

"I've helped you out, and now you have to hold up your side of the bargain," Zen told Othniel meaningfully.

His words made Fuxi and the Snake Goddess look at each other in shock.

Othniel was released by Zen?

How?! What had happened to Zen?

Othniel simply gave Zen a smile. "Of course! I'll make my move but none of you can leave."

As soon as he finished speaking, the fluctuation of space truth began to gush out from his body in waves.

The bloodline theurgies of Chaos Ancient Gods were terrifying when they burst out. The only reason Othniel was imprisoned was because he had been caught off guard. It did not have anything to do with skill or power but pure, dumb luck on the Grandmaster of Heaven's part. That was why Othniel was resentful at his capture.

Now that Othniel was free, there was no way he was going to repeat his mistake.

He was determined to kill the Grandmaster of Heaven and afterwards, capture Zen!


A huge, triangular pyramid appeared, spanning ten thousand miles. It was so big and stable that it formed a world on its own.

Othniel had pushed the space truth to the limit. This theurgy had exceedingly surpassed the Grandmaster of Heaven's Fishing Drum and made one thing clear: Othniel was not going to let anyone go!

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