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   Chapter 3892 Break

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Being tricked and trapped in the Fishing Drum by the Grandmaster of Heaven filled Othniel with hatred and anger.

In a rage, he activated his bloodline power in an attempt to break free from the Heart-piercing Lock.

He was the master of the truth after all!

Was this guy so powerful that he could defy even the truth?

Othniel was unconvinced; he didn't believe such a ridiculous freak existed in the chaos.

He had been trapped for some time when something flashed in the distance and another figure flew in. It was Zen.

He appeared to still be unconscious, floating aimlessly in the space.

Othniel sighed helplessly as he looked on at this new trophy of the Grandmaster of Heaven. Even with no Chaos Ancient God to support them, the Nihility race had still come out of this battle totally victorious.

As Othniel was growing more and more upset, Zen suddenly opened his eyes.

Zen's real body was still in the Oneness Sky Palace when he entered the Eternal Scroll Painting from the Grand Plain Stage. He had his concerns for the Oneness Sky Palace but assumed not too much could happen in a short period of time.

However, he opened his eyes to find that he was not in the Flow Sword Sect, but in some strange space.

If circumstances were normal, the people of the Oneness Sky Palace would not move him.

If they were left with no choice but to move him, they must have suffered something catastrophic.

These thoughts began racing through his mind when he felt there was someone behind him. He turned around and saw Othniel.

"Mount?" Zen queried, raising his eyebrows.

The Othniel in front of him was in human form and looked exactly the same as the Mount he had encountered before. Naturally, at a glance, Zen recognized him as Mount.

"No, you're not Mount. You're much stronger. You are the Chaos Ancient God Othniel!"

This person before him had an aura incomprehensibly stronger than Mount's. It was impossible for him to have improved his strength to such a level, no matter how fast he worked. Zen knew the relationship between Mount and Othniel very well and so quickly surmised that this was in fact Othniel in front of him.

"So what?" snorted Othniel.

He treated Zen as simply the loot of the Grandm

fore a king.

This human brat knew who he was and still dared attempt this. He was too full of himself.

"Don't waste your energy. You can't break the Fishing Drum," Othniel said disdainfully.

But then, a ripple appeared in this strange space inside the Fishing Drum. The entire space sank in towards Zen's fingertip and then spread out in all directions.


Othniel's eyes widened in disbelief.

Ordinary beings would not have been able to understand what he had done, but Othniel was so sensitive to space that he immediately understood that he had changed the state of the space within the Fishing Drum in an instant!

He was actually capable of controlling a top space treasure quickly and effortlessly.

This was not something a human should be able to do!

Even he could only break the Fishing Drum by force. Controlling the space treasure from the inner space would take ages!

"Now do you believe that I can get you out?" Zen asked solemnly. "I can help you remove those chains as well, but you have to help me deal with the Grandmaster of Heaven once you're out."

"You can break the Heart-piercing Lock too?"

Othniel was still in shock, and truthfully, a little confused by all this.

Although he still did not believe it, this time he was not so highly skeptical as he was before.

"It'll be easy."

With a blank face, Zen approached Othniel. The ancestry-level bloodline in his body began to surge and the three chains disintegrated at his fingertip.

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