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   Chapter 3891 Explosion

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The fox girl stared up at Zen with a faint smile. "Actually, there is something that you don't need to know so clearly."

Zen scoffed. "Are you willing to just be a chess piece?" he asked her.

The fox girl tutted but there was a trace of envy in her eyes as she looked at him.

"Even so, you're the most important chess piece," she told him.

In fact, not many people were qualified to become chess pieces in the game in the first place.

Zen, however, found no honor in this. "I don't want to be a chess piece," he said. "I want to be the player." "The player," the fox girl repeated with a smile. "Those who played chess and those who watched by the sidelines have all died. There is no player now. Nobody can control you. It's all up to you."

She was able to get the knowledge of the Four Spirits Sect from the brush-wielder.

"The chaos was never the main battlefield but just a lucky survivor of the fiercer wars that occurred outside it. The war within the Four Spirit Sect, however, will ultimately affect the chaos so it must continue in another way. You are the key figure on one side of this war," she explained.

Zen had an idea which side it was. "The side of the Finale Way?"

She nodded in confirmation. "Yes."

Of course, even if she didn't tell Zen, he and the Primeval Lord of Heaven would be able to reach the same conclusion through deduction.

However, there was one more thing Zen wanted to know. "Who is the leader of the opposite side?"

The fox girl merely shrugged. "I have no idea. The brush-wielder has hidden this information for his reasons. Don't think about it too much. Anyway, I'll be sending you out..."

As they followed the path drawn by the brush-wielder, the fox girl and Zen eventually returned to the edge of the third page. Since the Eternal Scroll Painting had already closed, it meant that this passageway was now closed.

However, since everything here was controlled by the brush-wielder, it wasn't too difficult for him to open up a temporary exit.

Since the closing of the Eternal Scroll Painting, the entire Grand Plain Stage had returned to its former peace though the aura of killing intent was heavy in the air.

A piece of news floated about: the Nihility race and the Element Spirit race were finally able to grasp t

ct with Fuxi's overpowered palm.

Of course, Fuxi knew one strike wasn't going to defeat him. "Again!"

He and the Snake Goddess quickly teleported and reappeared above the Grandmaster of Heaven's body.


Another blood-red mark of Eight Diagrams appeared on his body. In such a passive position, the Grandmaster of Heaven reflexively raised Zen's body on his shoulder.

The mark of Eight Diagrams was then transferred to Zen's body.

Just as Fuxi was about to deal his attack, he stopped upon seeing the mark on Zen's body. The Snake Goddess behind him frowned at the sight of this.

Had Zen's body undergone a new change? How did this happen?

Zen's body had previously been a black hole that sucked in any sort of energy laid on him. Since the mark of Eight Diagrams was also a type of energy, it should've been absorbed by him.

How did it end up imprinted on his body? Could he no longer absorb energy?

A trace of confusion also appeared in the Grandmaster of Heaven's eyes.

He had personally come for Zen and he wouldn't want to see him die in Fuxi's hands.

As he thought about it for a while, the Grandmaster of Heaven decided to throw Zen into his Fishing Drum where he had also previously thrown the Chaos Ancient God named Othniel.

This Fishing Drum was a spatial treasure filled with the power of space and Zen should have been able to absorb the power within it due to his special body.

However, since he had lost this ability now, he would naturally be absorbed into the Fishing Drum.

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