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   Chapter 3890 The Destination Of The Key

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Zen was reminded by the Snake Goddess's words.

Then, he asked the brush-wielder, "There is still one thing that I don't understand. According to what you said, the Four Spirits Sect will only recruit those who have entered the Eternal Divine Courtyard. But more than a thousand chaotic eras have passed, and it looks like I'm the only one who entered. Isn't that too high a threshold?"

In the current round of chaos, the only other person who had fused with the strongest bloodline was the Eye Spirit. Yet, even he had failed to reach the last room in the past.

If the Other Shore was surely a mechanism built to select talents for the Four Spirits Sect, it was a bit absurd for it to be so strict.

"The current Four Spirits Sect is no longer what it used to be. You should have known something about that in the Eternal Divine Courtyard," the brush-wielder said.

Zen nodded thoughtfully.

The Eternal Divine Courtyard was known as the main center of the Four Spirits Sect.

If they had abandoned even such an important center, then it wasn't hard to imagine what major crisis the Four Spirits Sect had undergone. He started to wonder if this force still existed.

"I've already answered your question. Now you should tell me how many light columns appeared when you integrated with the ancestry-level bloodline," the brush-wielder said.

After all, that was what the brush-wielder was most concerned about.

"All of them," replied Zen.

"What do you mean?" The brush-wielder was confused at Zen's words for a moment.

"All three hundred and seventy-three kinds. The bloodline map on the square was completely activated. I've fused with the complete ancestry-level bloodline," Zen explained nonchalantly.

The truth was that even he didn't get why he obtained the complete ancestry-level bloodline. He was no less curious and confused than the brush-wielder.

He had discussed the problem with the Primeval Lord of Heaven on his way back to the Eternal Scroll Painting from the Eternal Divine Courtyard. He tried to figure it out, but he didn't find any clues that could lead to the truth.

As for the brush-wielder, he fell silent again after hearing Zen's answer. The fox girl beside him blinked with confusion. She could sense the unusual emotions from the brush-wielder.

"The complete bloodline map... As far as I know, no one in the Four Spirits Sect has ever managed to activate it. They couldn't even activate a complete single quadrant," the brush-wielder murmured.

There were a total of four quadrants on the bloodline map,

Perhaps the Three Purities Stage wasn't large, but every Other Shore Token that came from it was far more powerful than those in the first thirty-two stages. Naturally, it was more dangerous there as well.

Now, even the Grand Pure Realm was much dangerous, let alone the Supreme Pure Realm.

As for the Jade Pure Realm, very few people, including those from the ruling forces, entered that area throughout all chaotic eras.

Even the Element Spirit Civilization, who was said to have occupied the Three Purities Stage, didn't know much about the Jade Pure Realm.

As for the center of the Jade Pure Realm, it meant the innermost part of the Three Purities Stage.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven didn't know what was inside there, or what kind of danger awaited them in that place.

"What will I find there? Is it a door that needs a key?" Zen asked with a smile. To his surprise, the brush-wielder nodded.

"You're right. It's a door buried in the ground. You have to open it!" he exclaimed.

"What's inside it?" Zen asked curiously. "Someone will answer you after you open it," the brush-wielder replied.

"But I don't have to open it. Maybe it's not necessarily a good thing for me.

So, you have to tell me what's in there," Zen shot back with a smile.

Despite his threat, the brush-wielder did not seem to care at all. Then, he floated up in the air and said in an ethereal voice, "You will go there anyway. This world is the last pure land. You won't just stand by and watch this pure land collapse. Since he has blessed you, you cannot escape this fate..."

Soon enough, the brush-wielder disappeared from his view and left the fox girl behind, who still stared at him in disbelief.

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