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   Chapter 3889 Threshold

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The brush-wielder didn't experience what Zen had gone through, so he wondered why Zen had asked such a question.

In any case, he now thought even more highly of Zen since the latter had obtained the ancestry-level bloodline.

"Tell me, what do you want to know? I will tell you everything I know," he said.

Zen looked up and asked, "What is the Four Spirits Sect? Are they the founders of the Instant Civilization?"

It seemed that every secret was related to the Instant Civilization, which in turn was closely connected to the Four Spirits Sect. Thus, he wanted to know the connection between them.

"Since you've already been to the Eternal Divine Courtyard, you should've known that it was the four holy spirits who formed the Four Spirits Sect. They are invincible beings in the outer world. They can create everything, as well as destroy everything. They are the creators, and the annihilators as well," said the brush-wielder.

The four holy spirits were human spirit, monkey spirit, snake spirit, and bird spirit. In a broad sense, it was difficult to tell if the Four Spirits Sect was good or evil.

"The Instant Civilization you referred to should be the creator of the chaos. They indeed belong to the Four Spirits Sect, but they are only a small branch," he continued.

As the Four Spirits Sect developed and expanded, they were divided into many factions, and each of them had a clear division of work.

For instance, some of them were pioneers, responsible for exploring new worlds; annihilators, responsible for killing other creatures; others were creators who built secondary worlds and many more.

"The Instant Civilization you've mentioned should be the world builders of the Four Spirits Sect. Among them, human spirits have the largest population," he explained.

In turn, Zen quietly lowered his head and thought deeply. The brush-wielder's answer was quite close to his guess. Then, he asked, "The world builders have built more than one world of chaos, right?"

"Yes," the brush-wielder nodded.

"Did they build those worlds for the sole purpose of obtaining energy?" Zen recalled that it was what he had witnessed in the space of the Ultimate Cycle.

"Yes," the brush-wielder nodded again. "The creatures in secondary worlds are quite weak, but they are in large number. After a new world is created, and once its time is accelerated, lots of extra energy will overflow. The Four Spir

ormal and the Eternal Divine Courtyard hadn't been abandoned yet, then Zen might have already joined the Four Spirits Sect by now.

However, the Four Spirits Sect had undergone drastic changes, which gave him the chance to obtain the complete ancestry-level bloodline and come back safe and sound.

All those happened by sheer luck.

"So that is the real use of the Other Shore," he muttered.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven, the real Snake Goddess, and the rest were all lost in thought. After a while, the Snake Goddess remarked ironically, "Looks like we're too weak to even meet the threshold of the Four Spirits Sect."

All of the Eternal Realm warriors on the Other Shore were powerful enough to dominate a chaotic era. Especially during the chaotic era of the human race, where countless warriors in the Eternal Realm emerged like mushrooms after the rain.

Yet, it still took them a lot of effort to obtain a root-level bloodline, not to mention the origin-level bloodline or even the ancestry-level bloodline in the Eternal Divine Courtyard.

The Snake Goddess, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, and Fuxi were all arrogant. After all, they represented the human race, and each of them had dominated a great starry region before.

They rarely encountered someone on par with them in the 77th chaos, or at any other time in over one thousand rounds of chaos.

Despite that, they all felt disheartened upon hearing what the brush-wielder had said. It turned out that although they had reached the Eternal Realm, they still didn't meet the threshold set by the Four Spirits Sect. Naturally, they felt dejected.

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