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   Chapter 3888 Display Of Abilities

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The fox girl looked at Zen with confusion when she heard the panic in the brush-wielder's voice.

She had learned everything she knew about the Eternal Scroll Painting from the brush-wielder. He had said there were only four origin-level bloodlines in the center of the Eternal Scroll Painting and she believed him.

That was why she now thought Zen spoke absolute nonsense.

But the brush-wielder's response perplexed her and filled her with doubt. Perhaps Zen was not lying.

"Yes, I entered it," Zen replied honestly.

Of course, he could have kept this to himself as the fox girl's request only involved an origin-level bloodline and he was able to display an origin-level bloodline theurgy with ease.

But his trip to the Eternal Scroll Painting had raised too many questions for him.

It was obvious that the brush-wielder and the fox girl hoped he would grow stronger.

And he wished to get more information from the brush-wielder, so he was willing to share some of his secrets.

Zen's answer caused the brush-wielder's crying face to tremble suddenly and flip it to a smiling face instead. "Then you have given it a try?" inquired the smiling face.

Obtaining an origin-level bloodline was very difficult and the brush-wielder had high hopes that Zen would be able to do so.

As the ruler of the Eternal Scroll Painting, he not only guarded the passage in the chaos but also controlled the passages in other worlds.

Because of this, he knew better than anyone else how difficult it was to obtain an origin-level bloodline.

The creatures in these worlds were born with defects. If they obtained a root-level bloodline, they would be considered one of the top masters, but if they obtained an origin-level bloodline, they would be able to dominate a world.

As for the ancestry-level bloodline, it was not meant for the creatures of these worlds. It was the foundation of the existence of the Four Spirits Sect and even their talents had great difficulty in getting the opportunity to enter the sacred cup.

As far as the brush-wielder could remember, very few creatures were able to enter the Eternal Divine Courtyard, and even fewer had succeeded in merging with the ancestry-level bloodline.

"I tried," Zen answered.

lly and now looked uncharacteristically pitiful. He withdrew the sharp gray claw and comforted her, "To be honest, this thing only looks scary. It's not actually all that terrifying."

As he spoke, a green light, made up of three abilities of life attribute, flashed on his fingertip. It surrounded the fox girl in a warm energy. The cold feeling of falling into an icy cave disappeared and was replaced with a bathing of her heart in a spring wind.

"You are able to use the abilities bestowed by the ancestry-level bloodline freely? How many? Twenty, thirty?" asked the brush-wielder, his voice trembling.

The fox girl blinked her big eyes in surprise. The brush-wielder was not himself today. He seemed so agitated.

Zen had just shown the abilities of the ancestry-level bloodline. The smile on his face now vanished as he barked angrily, "You required me to obtain an origin-level bloodline and I went beyond what you had expected. If you wish to know how many abilities I have obtained, answer my questions first!"

Too much confusion had accumulated within him.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven had once been able to answer most of his questions, and the Heavenly Obsession Civilization had answered the rest.

But it seemed this was always the way it went: the more he knew, the more ignorant he felt.

The way ahead seemed carved out by riddles and the further he walked, the more questions he had.

Even the Primeval Lord of Heaven was unable to explain much of what now took place.

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