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   Chapter 3887 Meeting

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The moment Zen disappeared from the stone platform, he felt the ancestry-level bloodline in his body surging once more.

At the same time, he finally understood the composition of energy in the hexagram array.

The first time Zen was teleported in, he didn't feel the power of the space fluctuation.

However, that didn't mean the power didn't exist. It just meant that, at the time, Zen wasn't able to understand it.

Now that the ancestry-level bloodline surged within him, Zen instantly understood the power of space within the hexagram array. In fact, it was not one, but two kinds of power of space that were combined in such a way that they offset each other.

Upon returning to the Eternal Scroll Painting, Zen was once again pressed into a picture. Then, a huge vortex appeared before him.

"There are two more lines here,"

Zen observed as he took a few steps forward.

He had arrived at the very center of the huge vortex of the Eternal Scroll Painting. Since ancient times till the present, Zen was the sole being who had entered this place; who else could've left these two lines here?

Zen walked forward cautiously, wrought with confusion. The instant he stepped between the two thin lines, they shot upwards until the two lines were floating above the huge vortex. Unwittingly, Zen had activated a path that stretched above the vortex, extending into the distance.

Zen broke free from the plane and climbed to the top of the Eternal Scroll Painting. From there, he saw that the path headed straight to the second page of the Eternal Scroll Painting. "That is where the fox girl was," he muttered to himself.

Generally speaking, someone who had obtained a bloodline from the Eternal Scroll Painting would return to the Grand Plain Stage through the vortex.

Now that the Eternal Scroll Painting had been closed, it was impossible for Zen to return to the Other Shore through that normal way. He had no choice but to come up with another solution.

Previously, the fox girl had insisted that he take an origin-level bloodline. If he didn't, she would kill him.

Now that he had managed to obtain the ancestry-level bloodline, he figured the fox girl wouldn't make any attempt to kill him.

Bearing that in mind, Zen relaxed a bit. He continued along the path towards the second page of the Eternal Scroll Painting with ease.

The second Zen stepped foot onto the Eternal Scroll Painting, the

y and returned to their normal forms.

The fox girl's flawless fair face exuded a cold aura. "You can prove it now."

Zen studied her expression. It seemed she was willing to kill him on the spot if he failed to prove her wrong.

"First of all, there is something you need to know," Zen said.

"I want to see your bloodline theurgy. Now!"

the fox girl said through gritted teeth, obviously running out of patience with every second that passed. She was under the impression he was stalling for time.

"Behind the four origin-level bloodlines, there is a stronger bloodline, which is called the ancestry-level bloodline," Zen continued with a mischievous smile. "The ancestry-level bloodline in the Eternal Divine Courtyard is the origin of all bloodlines, and the four origin-level bloodlines also originate from the ancestry-level bloodline."

The fox girl remained expressionless. Instead, the killing intent in her eyes intensified tenfold. "One last chance, Zen. Show me your bloodline theurgy right this instant!"

Just as the fox girl was about to attack Zen, the astonished voice of the brush-wielder suddenly came from above, "How do you know the ancestry-level bloodline? And the Eternal Divine Courtyard? Were you able to enter that square?"

Even the fox girl didn't know about the ancestry-level bloodline, nor was she aware of the existence of the Eternal Divine Courtyard. She had been told that there were four origin-level bloodlines at the end of the Eternal Scroll Painting.

Zen's words stirred up a storm in the heart of the brush-wielder as he stared at him intently from above.

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