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   Chapter 3886 Return To The Scroll Painting

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As Geoffrey stood still, gazing into the distance, Ziya was confused. He couldn't tell why Geoffrey remained motionless.

The dots of light changing before him left him feeling suspicious.

In the past, his activities in the Abstruse Energy World were limited to a low-lying area, where he could observe only a few things. Thus, he was unable to distinguish between heaven and earth.

Now, the countless, densely-packed dots before him confused him greatly.

It was completely beyond his comprehension.

Whenever he tried to figure out what those dots of light were, he suddenly felt a splitting headache, as though someone had stabbed him in the head.

Desperate to relieve himself of the pain, he tried to distract himself from the dots of light. Anyway, he knew it was futile to try to understand what they were.

"In the center of the four giant pillars, there seem to be some buildings," Geoffrey pointed out.

Looking far into the distance, he could faintly make out the outline of a huge palace, but it was too far away and hazy.

After staring into the distance for a while, Geoffrey suddenly pulled Ziya, urging him to keep moving forward.

Now that he had discovered something new, Geoffrey had no plans of retreating.

On the way to the four giant pillars, Geoffrey kept Ziya's instructions in mind, cautiously searching the whole way.

Other than the chaos, they had already discovered two other worlds, including the one with poisonous mist. It was possible they'd stumble upon other worlds on their journey.

In fact, after having stayed in the Abstruse Energy World for so long, Geoffrey was under the illusion that these weren't real worlds. Rather, they were large caves or some sort of low-level spaces.

In contrast, everything in the Abstruse Energy World lived in harmony.

Everything contained energy. The energy in the low-level worlds, like the chaos and the world with poisonous mist, seemed to be hidden. For example, stones, water, and herbs all had energy hidden in their bodies, which needed to be activated by various methods.

As for the things in the Abstruse Energy World, they appeared as dots of

tted the boy on the shoulder, the bug landed on the boy's body with ease.

In the blink of an eye, the boy's body began to swell like a balloon. Fist-sized bubbles dotted his skin, and he began to writhe violently.

Then, he exploded into a pool of blood.

Zen squatted down next to the pool and dipped his hand into it. "The origin-level bloodline named Infinite Reproduction has eleven types of power in the map. If this truly is the origin-level bloodline, then the bloodline I just created must also be regarded as the same."

The small grey bug suddenly emerged from the pool of blood and crawled onto his hand once more. Apparently, Zen created it instinctively.

Then, he turned around abruptly to return to the stone platform of the hexagram array.

He had done this before, so he assumed he just needed to retrace his steps. However, when he stepped onto the stone platform, nothing happened.

Puzzled, he looked down at the stone surface beneath his feet. He sensed that the rules of space and time of the stone platform had changed somewhat.


With a slight nod, he immediately figured out what to do. The ancestry-level bloodline in his body surged again, transforming accordingly to one with space-time attribute.

Then, a stream of energy flowed down his arms, then legs, until it passed from his toes and onto the stone platform. Suddenly, the stone platform lit up, and Zen vanished into thin air.

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