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   Chapter 3885 Four Pillars

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In the Abstruse Energy World

Some of the light dots froze in place, while some others continued to twirl and dance.

It was surprisingly easy to express and illustrate some complicated things with light dots.

For example, it only required less than forty light dots to construct the shape of a person.

On the other hand, there were some simple shapes that required innumerable light dots to create. For example, a rope was actually built by three to four hundred light dots.

In the beginning, Geoffrey had wanted to record a guide of rules to help Ziya and the other warriors learn faster and adapt to the Abstruse Energy World more easily.

After some lengthy efforts proved unsuccessful, Geoffrey chose to give up.

No matter how omniscient and capable Ziya was, once he entered the Abstruse Energy World, he became as a child, knowing nothing about the workings of that world.

Even though he had such astonishing wisdom, he was now like a three-year-old child trying to figure out the complicated light dots.

Last time, after crossing the grassland, Geoffrey and Ziya had found another world similar in nature to chaos. Ziya had been very interested in it as if he had discovered a new continent. He became even more enthusiastic about the Abstruse Energy World.

Since there was this second world, there must be a third and a fourth one...

There were endless living creatures and clues in these worlds.

After sealing off the Deleting Space, Ziya had urged Geoffrey to continue exploring the Abstruse Energy World.

After bypassing the mountain in the world of poisonous mist, Geoffrey had continued to move forward. A narrow mountain path led upwards, and the terrain in front of him became rugged and difficult, which had caused Geoffrey to hesitate for a moment.

Although Ziya was powerful, it would be difficult to deal with some of the strange creatures in the Abstruse Energy World.

But since he had come so far, Geoffrey didn't want to retreat. He was also fascinated by this strangely familiar world.

After ascending the mountain path with gritted determination, Geoffrey prepared to go up to the mountainside when he suddenly noticed a pair of red eyes not far away, burning in a face like an ape's.

The creature saw Geoffrey in the same instant, and it jumped out of the crevice that ran up the mountainside.

This creature was tall and strong with slender but powerful arms. Gripping a big stick in its hands, it seemed to amble

particle, or a blade of grass existed here. This was a completely empty world!

The two of them tried to enter the Other Shore by way of the Truth of Godly Way, but this didn't work either. The Other Shore didn't exist at all...

"It seems that this world is even worse off," said Ziya with a grim face.

The previous world of poisonous mist had basically been destroyed. The fate of only one world didn't signify anything, but the world they discovered now was in the same situation, and it was completely destroyed. All things had been destroyed here, which meant that there was massive trouble looming. The chaos would probably fall into the same situation in the end.

"Maybe the next world didn't suffer the same fate..." Geoffrey comforted.

"I hope so. Geoffrey, please continue to lead the way," Ziya said with a grim smile. After being in the Deleting Space for so many years, Ziya had perfected the art of indifference, and he was not upset by much.

After the two of them left the empty world, they continued to climb up the mountain path.

After Geoffrey gripped the rope and dragged Ziya to climb over the rugged and endless mountains, he finally saw a strange scene.

Standing in the distance, four huge black pillars had attracted Geoffrey's attention. Everything in the Abstruse Energy World became the size of miniscule insects compared to these four black pillars, hardly worth mentioning.

Everything was small in terms of size compared to these, and the black pillars' aura was also massive in comparison.

Geoffrey couldn't find words for this feeling, but at first sight of the black pillars, he paused in shock.

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