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   Chapter 3884 Conjecture

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"There is more than one chaos," Zen uttered in realization.

This picture had just given him a piece of vital information.

Within it, worlds were constantly rebuilt and destroyed and Zen found it best to look at them carefully.

Soon, he was able to find something wrong.

Even with the constant cycle of rebirth, the internal energy of the worlds remained constant though Zen felt the addition of new energy every time they died.

For example, if a world was made up of ten units of energy, upon its death, it would create three more units of energy.

Of course, it did not sound many on paper but when one thought about it, if every world was destroyed with 1/3 more energy, then wasn't it actually terrifying?

As the world died, this added energy would burst out and then also quietly disappear.

This observation made Zen frown.

"Where did this extra energy go?"

Upon further investigation, he was able to discover something.

At the moment of destruction, violent energy fluctuations would burst out and a spurt of strong energy would escape from the bottom as if sucked away by something.

Zen could only make a rough judgment since all he could base his assumptions on was this virtual picture.

However, he had a good source he could ask. "Primeval Lord of Heaven, what do you think is the significance of the chaos?"

Every existence in this world had a purpose.

The chaos was no exception. It was obviously built to serve some kind of purpose.

"Maybe the Instant Civilization built it to expand their influence?" the Primeval Lord of Heaven suggested. He had sensed that Zen already had a conclusion so all he could offer was a baseless suggestion.

"If they wanted to expand their influence, then they could've lived and multiplied within the chaos after they built it. The Element Spirit Civilization would've never risen in power and there wouldn't have been various kinds of ruling civilizations," Zen muttered.

This theory of Zen's had long since been put fo

vel theurgies.

"It's all my fault. I'm sorry," the Primeval Lord of Heaven said helplessly.

The Snake Goddess merely ignored him. "If this is the case, then the Instant Civilization wouldn't want to see the completion of the Finale Way."

Once the chaos defeated that needle and completed the Finale Way, its constant cycle of destruction and rebirth would be no more. Extra energy would no longer circulate as the chaos would use it to expand outwards.

"In other words, that needle was arranged by the Instant Civilization," she muttered in finality.

Upon this conclusion, Zen's and the Primeval Lord of Heaven's eyes flashed. The truth had given them clarity.

The destroyer was also the creator.

The chaos was constantly built, developed, and destroyed.

This Ultimate Cycle was probably not some kind of theurgy but a method of education engraved in the bloodline that told the descendants of the Instant Civilization how to survive.

"But this is only a conjecture," the Primeval Lord of Heaven said.

The Snake Goddess chose to remain silent. What he said was true. Though her words were reasonable, she had no concrete evidence to prove it.

"There is a way to prove it," Zen told them with a smile. "So long as we find a world like chaos in the Abstruse Energy World, then we will be able to prove it!"

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