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   Chapter 3883 Exploration

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The finger in the spider man's hand seemed ordinary, but a strange flame lingered around it.

Even though he was exceptionally strong, he instantly felt an unbearable pain when he touched it.

He had been trapped in the cube for countless years and endured all kinds of torture.

However, he couldn't take the pain from the formless flame around Zen's hand. He quickly withdrew his hand.

But how could he give up such a great opportunity?

As soon as he pulled out his hand, he spat out the green spider silk towards Zen's hand.

The spider silk was his race's unique ability. His race lived between space layers and inside space cracks, so the spider silk also had a special space quality.

No one else could break the spider silk they released.

The spider silk quickly wrapped around Zen's hand, and at the same time, the spider man's eight legs stepped back. Then, he unleashed a powerful force that pulled Zen into the square space.

If Zen didn't use the Celestial Spear, he wouldn't be as strong as the spider man in terms of strength alone.

The spider man became extremely excited when he saw that Zen was pulled into the space by him.

If he successfully pulled in a person, then he would be able to leave this damned place!

Still, he wouldn't kill Zen.

He wanted to keep Zen alive, so Zen would also be tortured and suffer in living hell.


He tried to rush out of the square space, but a loud "bang" sound followed after he came into contact with the space's inner wall. He slammed into the wall, and the space still prevented him from leaving.

"What happened?"

Out of panic, he stretched out a long, thin leg and stabbed the inner wall.


The wall also blocked his leg. He was very desperate now.

"How could this be? This is impossible! It's simply impossible..."

He turned around and saw Zen, who calmly stood on the other side with a faint smile on his face. At that moment, he suddenly realized something.

It must be Zen who played those tricks!

Previously, Zen had been very cautious and didn't even dare to approach the sq

There was an Ouroboros carved on the bronze mountain in the second space. It was the space of the bloodline called Ultimate Cycle.

Among the four origin-level bloodlines, the Infinite Reproduction, the Myriad Birth and Destruction, and the Infinite Time and Space had roughly visible outlines. However, the meaning of the Ultimate Cycle was unknown. Even its form was invisible.

Now that he had the ancestry-level bloodline as his support, Zen became curious and naturally wanted to comprehend it.

In a split second, he stood on the bronze mountain, just at the center of the Ouroboros.


An invisible wave came from the Ouroboros. Then, the Ouroboros' statue began to move, and it swallowed its tail bit by bit.

Although the snake devoured itself, its tail also continued to grow. Such a process was an infinite cycle.

When the Ouroboros began to rotate, Zen also felt that the ancestry-level bloodline in his body had started to react.

A strange image surrounded him, and a world that developed in endless cycles appeared in front of him.

Everything in that world grew and then died. Soon enough, a new world was born.

"Is this the chaos?

Or is it similar to the chaos?" he asked in confusion.

Just then, several similar worlds appeared in front of him.

Just like the previous world, those worlds were also destroyed and quickly revived, full of life.

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