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   Chapter 3882 Return

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In most cases, they say that eternity was nothing but a synonym for destruction.

"Running water is never stale, and a door hinge never gets worm-eaten." Only something so dynamic could achieve genuine eternity.

This was inside the thoughts of the bronze monkey.

If there was not a single blood-receiver that could enter the Eternal Divine Courtyard, then the place would lose the purpose of its existence.

After the Eternal Divine Courtyard was sealed by the Time Lock, it was regarded to be worthless and was just something that awaited its impending destruction.

But in the end, this human unexpectedly broke in and soaked himself into the sacred cup without hesitation.

With this, this human actually extended the lifespan of the Eternal Divine Courtyard. Now, changes that were never foreseen should be expected.

The bronze human also had the same thought, so he immediately stopped the bronze bird and the bronze snake.

After some time, the four bronze statues came to an agreement. In the meantime, they would quietly observe the sacred cup and see what would happen.

Still shrouded in darkness, all of the light dots that appeared in front of Zen had been completely lit up. They were arranged in such a way that they formed four neat triangles together.

At this time, the meanings contained within the light dots were all grasped by Zen.

'The meaning of power is completely beyond the limits of the chaos.' Zen was immersed in this thought.

The power of the three thousand Godly Ways was based on the most original power of the chaos, which was also the foundation of the entire chaos. On the other hand, the three hundred and seventy-three entities of power in the light dots were way more extensive and profound. They covered wider ranges and were formed based on rules of higher levels.

They could even be called the origin of everything.

Inside Zen's mind, this information flashed like bolts of lightning. All of a sudden, he seemed to have a fair understanding of everything.


All of the lights intensely brightened as Zen's eyes snapped open.

Eventually, he regained all of his six senses. He had a brief struggle to adapt as his consciousness gradually returned. It was like the sensation of being awakened from a very long dream.

He was still lying quietly inside the sacred cup, staring blankly at the huge dome of the Eternal Divine Courtyard. He felt sort of light-headed as his consciousness was still somewhat in a blur.

Then, he gently moved a finger, followed by his arms, legs, until he could already feel his whole body.


With a quick somersault, Zen leaped from the cup and landed steadily on the ground. As he looked down, he noticed that there was a perfect bloodline map sketched on the square.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The four bronze statues immediately jumped

no clue that he was about to meet Zen again.

Then, without any warning, Zen abruptly appeared in this space once more.

The spider man's eyes widened as soon as he saw him. He started speaking to him in his unique language, ignoring his disheveled hair.

"Heavenly Obsession Civilization, translate it for me," Zen ordered.

The Civilization Artifact of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization quickly activated its core and translated what the spider man was saying.

"Young man, did you get the ancestry-level bloodline?" the spider man asked impatiently. However, he strongly believed that Zen wouldn't be able to obtain it. He thought that Zen must have left the Eternal Divine Courtyard without gaining anything.

"Well, what do you think?" Instead of answering directly, Zen just answered back with a faint smile.

"if you didn't get the ancestry-level bloodline, I can teach you the skill for merging the Infinite Time and Space. Even with just this, you will be strong enough!" The spider man offered eagerly. It was as if he had completely forgotten that he had attempted on attacking Zen the previous time they met.

However, Zen pretended to be interested in what he was saying. He descended to the cube where the spider man was and asked, "What is this skill that you're talking about?"

"Give me a finger then! Hurry! I'll demonstrate it for you!" The spider man's eyes seemed to be unusually desperate. He forced a smile and thought that Zen was a fool.

Zen went along and stretched out one of his fingers.

As soon as his finger was stuck into the cube, the spider man grabbed it desperately, as if it was his last lifeline.

He believed that if he could successfully pull Zen inside, everything would work out for him. He was thrilled and nervous at the same time.

However, while he touched Zen's finger, his movement suddenly stopped, and his expression changed drastically.

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