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   Chapter 3881 Completely Absorbing

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This was the most formidable magic treasure of the Grandmaster of Heaven. When he yielded the handle of the Purple Lightening Hammer securely in his grip, the lightning snake emitting extremely daunting aura coiled itself around it till it reached the surface of the hammer.


The breathtakingly eminent aura radiating from the pure purple lightning made the onlookers gasp in awe.

Fuxi and the Snake Goddess remained rooted to their spots, and their pupils shrank visibly at this sight. Apparently, they too felt intimidated by the daunting presence of the Purple Lightening Hammer.

The Grandmaster of Heaven seemed unbothered and refused to hold back. He had attempted to catch the two for quite a long time without tasting the sweet nectar of success. Because of that, his patience had run out, and there was no longer any room for error.

When the black fire was extinguished by Gerald, he would catch up again. The Grandmaster of Heaven feared if he didn't act quickly, everything he worked so hard for would slip away from his hands once more.


The Grandmaster of Heaven glared at the space ahead of him and raised his hammer before smashing it into thin air.

Visually, there was nothing in front of him.

But when he swung the hammer in the air, it seemed to have hit an obstruction that was indestructible. As a result, the collision sent down shockwaves as it experienced violent tremors. The repercussions were so severe that they pushed back the Grandmaster of Heaven a few steps.

Amidst the wild outburst of the explosion, countless bolts of thin purple lightning gathered and morphed themselves into the shape of a thick lightning snake that charged towards Fuxi.


Acting on his sharp reflexes, Fuxi took the initiative and lifted Zen up right in the nick of time.


The moment the lightning snake came in contact with Zen's body, it switched its previous ferocious form and transformed into many purple lightning flowers. Within a flash, Zen had absorbed more than half of the energy of the purple lightning snake, causing its intensity to weaken.

However, after the lightning snake jumped on Zen's body once, the rest of it switched its course of direction to pounce at Fuxi and the Snake Goddess.

Crack! Crack...

It was one of the attributes of thunder and lightning. Once a bolt of lightning was released, it would jump several times before coming to a stop.

Even though it was weakened by Zen absorbing more than half of its energy, the remaining energy of the purple lightning snake still posed as a severe threat to Fuxi and the Snake Goddess.

When the lightning snake bounced off of him a third time, its energy was reduced substantially. Even so, when it struck the Snake Goddess, it sent her lightweight body flying high before she fell to the ground with a heavy thump.

The moment Fuxi's body was thrown off like a ragdoll, Zen's physical body lost contact with him as he was forced to let go of his hand.

Taking advantage of the circumstances, the Grandmaster of Heaven reached out to grab Zen. However, the energy formed due to the space fluctuation was consumed by Zen's body before he cou

e thick blood in the cup emptied itself at an alarming speed as if rushing to familiarize itself with his body.

Ever since the ancestry-level bloodline existed in the Eternal Divine Courtyard, it had never decreased.

Instead of saying that one fused with the ancestry-level bloodline within the sacred cup at will, it was more accurate to say that the ancestry-level bloodline gave the warrior who entered the sacred cup the powerful bloodline and unfathomable power...

But this time was different.

The ancestry-level bloodline actually drilled itself into Zen's body willingly.

The ancestry-level bloodline was as thick as glue. When it moved along Zen's meridians, his meridians bulged out in such a way that it looked as if a little rat was frantically moving along them.

Zen could endure the massive volume of blood pouring into him because of his astonishingly strong body. If his body fell short of the requirement and was weaker than it was, his meridians would probably burst open due to not being able to hold it all in.

After a short while, all the blood that originally filled up the sacred cup had been emptied into Zen's body.

At this sight, the four bronze statues' mouths fell to the ground with utter astonishment. Silence reigned the air before the bronze bird took the initiative and spoke, "Has the ancestry-level bloodline... been possessed by him?"

Judging by the bronze bird's growing grim expression, he seemed to be thirsting for the ancestry-level bloodline that was now possessed by Zen. The increasing desperation in his eyes felt like he was eager to cut open Zen's belly to extract all of it for himself.

The bronze snake beside him had a similar intention. Although they were happy to see Zen create such a miracle, it was difficult for them to digest the fact that he took away all of the ancestry-level bloodline.

"Well, let him take it!"

The bronze monkey, who had been very radical from the start, seemed to have thought of something. His eyes flashed in response to his emotions and reflected a different color, as if he was expecting something big to happen.

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