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   Chapter 3880 The Purple Lightening Hammer

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The Cyan Misty Sword cut through space silently and sent a straight cyan light from the void which hit the Cloud Light Sail.


With the Cloud Light Sail slashed, a large hole appeared in the center as it began to collapse from the inside out.

Fuxi and the Snake Goddess had just sped up but now came to sudden dead stop.

"Those two fakes are really quite powerful," remarked the Grandmaster of Heaven. "But that's it. I've had enough!"

He had once feared the real Fuxi.

But since joining the Nihility race, he had improved his strength immensely and could now kill ordinary warriors at the Eternal Realm effortlessly.

Now, even the real Fuxi was no match for him, let alone his avatar.

But the two avatars' tenacity exceeded the Grandmaster of Heaven's expectations.

He raised the Cyan Misty Sword and the sword radiance soared up into the sky. From his body burst an intense aura powerful enough to pierce through the heaven and earth.

A mark of Eight Diagrams then covered him, just as he brandished his sword.

Fuxi had quick fists and so the fist radiance would be released as soon as the mark of Eight Diagrams appeared.

Before the Grandmaster of Heaven even knew what was going on, he had already been struck by Fuxi's terrifying fist radiance.


Caught off guard, the Grandmaster of Heaven was flung in the distance.


Limitless Power!"


The Eight Diagrams disk above Fuxi's head rotated and countless marks of Eight Diagrams, both small and large, condensed all over the Grandmaster of Heaven's body.

Fuxi was like a beast rushing at its prey; every muscle in his body swelled and his shoulder blades raised high like little wings.

The Limitless Power was one of the Eight Diagrams disk's unique techniques. He could use the Eight Diagrams disk to maximize his bloodline and summon triple his base power in a short period of time.

The Snake Goddess interlocked her fingers and strands of crimson light flowed and flashed from her fingertips.

"Faceless Phantom!"


Suddenly, a dark faceless figur

in his eye and refracting the cyan sword lights further to let them come at Fuxi from all directions.

Fuxi spun Zen in his hands, rotating him like a wheel. He couldn't quite come up with a way to deal with the Grandmaster of Heaven. But with Zen as an invincible shield, he could defend himself rather well.

Da! Da! Da!

No matter how many times the cyan sword lights were refracted and no matter which angle they came from, Zen took them all.

"It seems that you've gotten ahead of yourself, Grandmaster of Heaven," Fuxi said, shrugging with a smile.

They hadn't confirmed the Grandmaster of Heaven's identity until they had heard how Claire addressed him. They then had a rough idea of who he was.

Even at an absolute disadvantage and on the defensive, Fuxi didn't panic. Instead, there was a shrewd smile across his face.

Obviously, the Grandmaster of Heaven was as powerful as the Chaos Ancient Gods. He had possibly even slightly surpassed them. If Fuxi hoped to defeat such an opponent, he would have to remain on the defensive and wait patiently to exploit his few flaws once they were exposed.

When Fuxi had finished speaking, his smile slowly retreated and his intense seriousness returned.

The Grandmaster of Heaven stretched out his hand and a big purple hammer materialized in it. It was another of his powerful magic treasures, the Purple Lightening Hammer.

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