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   Chapter 3879 Half Of The Light Columns

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At that moment, Gerald quickly turned into an oval cocoon to protect himself from the Element Destruction.

The Element Destruction then hit the cocoon, which became charred and carbonized.

Soon enough, the Element Destruction stopped. The charred part of the cocoon cracked then a pinkish tender body came out of it. The body immediately stiffened and turned into a shiny black shell upon coming out.

It looked like Gerald had recovered to normal, but in reality, he had exhausted all of his strength. He was already quite weak.

On the contrary, the Grandmaster of Heaven, who was nearby, looked a lot better than Gerald. He was unharmed since he relied on a few magic treasures to protect himself, but he still had to maintain the Heart-piercing Lock to restrain Othniel.

The amount of energy used by the Heart-piercing Lock was not significant, but the Grandmaster of Heaven had consumed a large amount of energy to resist the Element Destruction. Thus, it wasn't easy to maintain the Heart-piercing Lock as it was before.

Therefore, the Grandmaster of Heaven's overall situation wasn't actually much better than Gerald's.

Far away from them, after the Snake Goddess withdrew the blood-red enchanted barrier, she and Fuxi slowly appeared behind Zen.

Fuxi took a deep breath, but his eyes still twitched.

The energy he released when he used the marks of Eight Diagrams was the strongest kind of power in the Source World. Furthermore, he thought that since he had gone to numerous battles in the Three Purities Stage, there was nothing to fear.

But he was utterly shocked when the Element Destruction happened.

The Element Destruction didn't affect a large area, and only half of the province got hit, but the force that struck the province was far beyond what he had imagined.

Was that how powerful that member from the Element Spirit race was?

"Let's go!" the Snake Goddess shouted.

She looked at the distance and quickly pulled Fuxi while she activated the Grand Teleportation. After she opened a space channel, the two of them went inside.

A smile graced the Grandmaster of Heaven's face when he saw them escape hurriedly. Then, he followed them.

Claire, who was the most troublesome to deal with, was gone, and Gerald was already weak. The Snake Goddess and Fuxi were just like mice. Everything would be under his control.



ighty-six light columns that have lit up. Do you remember the legend that once spread in the Eternal Divine Courtyard?" the bronze bird asked the bronze monkey.

"When the number of light columns that have lit up is more than half of the total number, the ancestry-level bloodline would automatically become complete?" "Yes, I remember!

There was indeed such a legend! I just thought that such a thing couldn't possibly happen at that time. I simply thought it was a story," the bronze human said excitedly. The other bronze statues also became ecstatic when the bronze bird asked the question.

At that time, only a few creatures were qualified to enter the sacred cup.

Furthermore, even fewer of them could light up a dozen light columns in the map.

If half of the light columns or one hundred and eighty-seven light columns to be exact have lit up, then the remaining light columns would automatically rise to complete the bloodline map.

Now with one more column to light up, the number would reach half.

What if the legend was true?

How strong would the ancestry-level bloodline be in its complete state?

The four bronze statues all had the same thought. If they could see it with their own eyes, then it would be worth even if they would end up dead.

At that point, Fuxi and the Snake Goddess were still running like mad in the space channel while they carried Zen.

Although the Snake Goddess had condensed the Cloud Light Sail again, it took some time for the sail to speed up. During that period, the Grandmaster of Heaven had already caught up with them.

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