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   Chapter 3878 Kill With Poison

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Faced with such a crisis, the Snake Goddess was also focusing her entire concentration on the fight. It wouldn't have been possible to catch her off guard right now.

As soon as the enchanted barrier was broken, she instantly activated another one. This blood red enchanted barrier was seemingly as fragile as an eggshell for now, but it was once known as the toughest enchanted barrier in the Source World.

Unfortunately, things had changed! Just as the second enchanted barrier was activated, it was able to only slightly block the incoming flames before shattering to pieces again.

Without hesitation, the Snake Goddess activated several more enchanted barriers.

Six of them were out forward in a row to block the energy that was swarming over towards the team.

The truth was, only a small portion of the energy was being blocked, while most of it was being absorbed by Zen.

"Let's move. We'll try to get close to the edge of this area," the Snake Goddess suggested.

Fuxi instantly understood what she meant. He grabbed her, flew to the side, and was almost instantly at the edge of the area.

Once they got close to the edge, they placed Zen's body in front of them.

The power of Element Destruction could only surge from one direction, and with Zen's body in front, it would naturally be completely absorbed by him. With his body, Fuxi and the Snake Goddess had created a small safe haven for themselves.

Claire noticed this, but at the moment, her main opponents were not these two. Rather, she was facing the Grandmaster of Heaven and Gerald.

"Now that you have shown your own abilities, let's see how long you can hold out with those!" Claire roared.

The power of Element Destruction was divided into seven levels, and at the moment, Claire was using the third level. Even then, it was incredibly powerful.

So much so that apart from the Snake Goddess, Fuxi, Zen, Gerald, and the Grandmaster of Heaven, no other living being could be seen in this area. Every single part of space had been torn apart by the overwhelming elemental energy.

"The fourth level!"


With a burst of extraordinary power, a huge column of swirling wind began to spin in the center of the space, accompanied by intense lightning and flames. As the flames spun with the wind, it looked like they were creating a fiery localized cyclone that would devour everything in its path.

When the flames swept over Gerald, layers upon layers of embedded carapaces began to grow on his body.

They were a powerful defensive mechanism which could greatly lower the efficiency of

's power. The moment Gerald was enveloped in the cube, he had appeared in Claire's body. Without any hesitation, he pierced his tail through the cube and stabbed at Claire.

Energy with two different colors, yellow and green, quickly spread through Claire's body.

The Poison of Decomposition had an extremely rapid and powerful effect on soul and energy based bodies, and was far less effective on creatures with physical bodies.

As the Poison of Decomposition spread around quickly, Claire's huge body quickly collapsed, and pretty soon, disappeared into nothingness.

"You... You..."

Claire had never expected that the Grandmaster of Heaven would be bold enough to send Gerald directly into her body, nor had she expected that the latter's Poison of Decomposition would be so deadly.

Within a short period of time, the Poison of Decomposition had spread throughout her entire body, and coursed through all her veins. In a moment, her body was completely decomposed.

As the Poison of Decomposition spread over her head, Claire finally realized that she could do nothing to regain her winning position now. She raised her head, and a golden eyeball shot into the sky and disappeared.

Far away, the golden eyeball appeared in front of the Divine Farmer. Then a tattered body formed near the eyeball and slowly took a misshapen shape. It was none other than the body of the Yellow Thearch which had been occupied by Claire for a long time. Nothing but a twisted form was left now.

After the eyeball was gone, Claire's huge body instantly dissipated, and the power of the Element Destruction never managed to reach the seventh level. It began to weaken and dissipate, and finally everything was calm once again.

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