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   Chapter 3877 Element Destruction

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The huge tail appeared out of nowhere, and by the time Claire and the Grandmaster of Heaven realized what was happening, it was too late to try to dodge it.


In a single blow, both of them were struck and smashed into the depths of the ground.

The gigantic creature floating in the sky was no other than Gerald!

Earlier, Othniel had sent him to a desolate place in the chaos. However, he exhausted all his means to rush to the Separate Amber Province. Upon his return, he immediately rushed to help Fuxi and the Snake Goddess.

"You can go. I'll deal with them."

Gerald's voice boomed loudly.

"I'm afraid you can't deal with them alone," replied Fuxi.

"What do you mean?"

Gerald looked at Fuxi confusedly. He didn't know that Othniel had been caught by the Grandmaster of Heaven.

The moment those words left his mouth, a violent pain shot up from his tail.


Suddenly, a wisp of dark red flame erupted from the surface of Gerald's tail. Before Gerald had the time to react, his entire tail was burnt to a crisp by the flame.

At the same time, Claire's body began to transform rapidly, growing until she became a massive giant of flames. Her beautiful face was no longer visible; instead, raging flames took its place. "I didn't expect to meet such trouble when I descended the first time," she said in a muffled voice. "Well then, let's finish this once and for all!"

The arrival of the Grandmaster of Heaven had been part of the Black Ship's plan all along, but Claire's arrival was just an alternative plan for Yellow Thearch. Even the Yellow Thearch himself was strongly opposed to the way Claire occupied his body.

However, as the situation changed, the Yellow Thearch was unable to resist the enemy and finally chose to compromise. Therefore, Claire rushed in hastily, not knowing what to expect. She never thought she'd encounter so much trouble.

The series of unfortunate events finally exhausted her patience. In that moment, she decided she would get rid of all these problems, once and for all.


A line of flames appeared in the distance and spread towards them at an incredible speed. It was almost as though the flames weren't traveling through space!

In the blink of

However, before Gerald could even get close, the energy of Element Destruction swept towards him like a snowstorm, forcing him to take a few steps back.

Meanwhile, the Grandmaster of Heaven had already summoned the Six Soul Flags. At the same time, he placed the Cyan Misty Sword in front of him with a pair of golden scissors in his hand.

Flood dragons twined around the scissors, flashing a dazzlingly bright gold. It was another magic treasure of the Grandmaster of Heaven: the Golden Dragon Scissors.

It could cut through almost anything, even energy.

However, the power of the Element Destruction gradually increased. While the Grandmaster of Heaven was still able to resist it, he knew he had to do something drastic if he wanted to make it out of this alive.

The Snake Goddess and Fuxi were at a disadvantage. Although the two of them were working together, their strength was relatively weak compared to the others. Their only advantage was Zen.

Fuxi stood in front of the Snake Goddess and placed Zen in front of him. At the same time, the Snake Goddess used her shadow to form a circular enchanted barrier to protect them.

Fuxi kept turning around, trying his best to use Zen as a shield to block the energy.

However, the attacks came from all directions. There was no way he'd be able to block all of them.

The slightest mistake could cause the Snake Goddess's enchanted barrier to collapse, rendering them vulnerable to the attacks of the Element Destruction.

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