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   Chapter 3876 Real Strength

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Right now, the Evil God's true body was with the members of the Black Ship hundreds of thousands of miles away.

After he successfully absorbed Usman's soul, he was constantly exploring his abilities.

At present, he could sense the existence of the Source World, but the Source World was not responding to him. With his current strength, he couldn't use the power of the Source World yet, so he could only control the province he was in.

Despite this, his combat effectiveness had increased to a higher level.

He could now accurately block the attacks of the Snake Goddess, and counterattack using his avatar on the boundary wall.

"Ha! Aren't you giving up? You can't kill me!" the Evil God sneered.

If it was any other human junior, even if they knew that they had quite an advantage, they wouldn't dare to be so arrogant in front of Fuxi.

However, the Evil God was different. He was afraid of no one.

"Let's see where your arrogance can take you!"

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the mark of the Eight Diagrams exploded on the surface of the Evil God's body and caused it to tremble violently.

At the same time, the remaining boundary wall of the Separate Amber Province also shook wildly. Fuxi immediately recognized that the impact of his attack was deflated.

His face darkened. He was attacking the Evil God with all his might but the power of his strike was being transferred.

Like Usman, the Evil God also gained the ability to use the boundary wall to block his attacks.

Furthermore, compared to Usman, the Evil God's technique and control were much better.

Usman could only transfer the power that he received to a certain part of the boundary wall. With Fuxi's massive punch, he could easily make a big hole in it.

On the other hand, the Evil God was able to evenly distribute the power to every part of the boundary wall. That meant that it had a better chance of withstanding powerful attacks.

Although the boundary wall had already been riddled with countless holes, there was still a huge part that remained intact.

So far, the Evil God had been able to withstand even the strongest strikes that Fuxi threw at him.

In Fuxi's mind, he was indeed wondering how the Evil God suddenly appeared and acquired Usman's power. But the greater problem was that the Evil God was more adept in using this power than Usman.

"You know that it wouldn't be easy to kill me. But I c

. Besides, he hated it when people referred to him as a fake.

"Fake, huh? Then let's see how you'll get crushed by the strength of a fake!"

While Fuxi's vicious eyes were fixed on the Grandmaster of Heaven, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the air. Immediately after, an Eight Diagrams disk appeared in his hand.

He then threw the Eight Diagrams disk in the sky. It constantly grew as it absorbed the wind, turning into a huge Eight Diagrams disk that floated in the air.

As the Eight Diagrams disk spun, Fuxi's aura also drastically changed.

Even when he was fighting with the Yellow Thearch, he didn't use all his strength.

But now, since they were facing two people who were much stronger than them, he had no choice but to go all out.

Meanwhile, the shadow of Snake Goddess was also growing. Countless tentacle-like energy beams surged out and attacked the Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire at the same time.

Although the energy of the shadow of Snake Goddess was extremely terrifying, its speed was subpar to that of the Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire. That was why both of them easily avoided her attack.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire rushed towards the Snake Goddess after they successfully avoided her energy beams.

Just a bit earlier, these two powerful beings were fighting desperately against each other, but now they were temporarily working together.

However, before they could approach the Snake Goddess, a huge shadow suddenly appeared from the sky above them. A gigantic tail with a poisonous needle emerged and shot fiercely at them.

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