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   Chapter 3875 Being Stopped

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This Cloud Light Sail was an auxiliary type of Other Shore Token from Stage Thirty-three.

Theoretically, if enough energy was put into it, the Cloud Light Sail could become incredibly fast.

This Other Shore Token wasn't the most popular of Other Shore Tokens on Stage Thirty-three since it was helpful only during travel. But the Snake Goddess had still merged with it, and it was now coming in handy.

The Cloud Light Sail was fast, but the amount of energy it consumed was astonishing. It wouldn't last long even if the Snake Goddess had cast her shadow in it.

Fortunately, even the range of perception the strong masters like Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire had by way of their spiritual sense was limited. The Snake Goddess assumed that if they were far away from their pursuers, they would be able to escape.

They headed east, moving further and further away from the Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire. Fuxi was relieved.

He had fought a good many head to head battles in the past few years, but the other Eternal Realm warriors in the Source World always gave in to him. And now, he was the one running away. It was hard for him to accept.

Deep in his heart, Fuxi didn't think he was incapable of fighting them. But the Snake Goddess had made a strategy and he had no choice but to follow her plan and escape.

Once Fuxi's spiritual sense could no longer perceive the existence of the Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire, he said to the Snake Goddess, "Have we shaken them off?"

The Snake Goddess was ahead of Fuxi, but her spiritual sense could perceive much more than Fuxi could.

"No, I'm afraid we can't get rid of them just by relying on our speed," the Snake Goddess answered calmly.

The distance between them was increasing but the Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire had extraordinary tracking abilities that no ordinary Eternal Realm warrior could compare to. It would be difficult to get rid of them when they were in the same big province.

The Snake Goddess stretched out two thin fingers, several small creatures appearing at her fingertips.

These creatures were like jellyfish, a mushroom crowning the top of their heads. The mushroom was cracked and two horns sat on top of it. Funnily enough, they looked like monsters that were making faces. Thin tentacles floated below the heads, emitting rays of light in perfect symmetry.

"Ghost Jellyfish Mask, transform!"

The Ghost Jellyfish Mask was a rare Other Shore Token on Stage Thirty-three. It could easily change into shapes of other creatures and was also an a

ave a chance to escape once they flew out of the Separate Amber Province.

The Snake Goddess and Fuxi were becoming more and more optimistic. If they could take Zen away like this, the risks they had taken to snatch Zen from Claire and the Grandmaster of Heaven would all be worth it.

But they were just about to approach the boundary wall when a long spear suddenly shot out of the wall before them, taking them by surprise. .

The Snake Goddess had been vigilant all along and had considered every possible obstruction ahead of them. But she had ignored the boundary wall. She had ignored the Evil God who could control the boundary wall and detect everything that happened within the Separate Amber Province.


The spear shot through the space channel at a high speed and hit the Cloud Light Sail.

The Cloud Light Sail was an excellent auxiliary type of Other Shore Token, but was also very fragile. It was shattered by the long spear, causing the Snake Goddess to roll to the side and come to an abrupt stop.

Fuxi, who had been following behind, soon caught up with her. He stared at the boundary wall before asking, "What's wrong now?"

The existence that could stop the Snake Goddess had to be strong.

"Over there." The Snake Goddess pointed.

The amber liquid on the boundary wall flowed and turned into a reflection of the Evil God. The highly condensed long spear had returned to his hand.

"Devouring one is not enough for me. He has to stay." The Evil God pointed at Zen who was on Fuxi's shoulder.

"You want to court death?"

Fuxi said, his countenance turning cold. If it was only a young man controlling the boundary wall, the man would be no match for him.

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