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   Chapter 3874 Taking Advantage Of The Moment

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It never occurred to Claire that someone would dare to attack her.

In her eyes, no one matched her in strength, other than the Grandmaster of Heaven and the Chaos Ancient Gods.

She was moving to the left, as the Grandmaster of Heaven fell towards that direction.

However, as soon as she emerged from the space channel, a long spear shot towards her unexpectedly.


The spear itself was extremely sturdy, and the power contained within it was immensely great.

The impact from the spear sent Claire flying back into the space channel.

Unfortunately, she slammed into it so hard that the space channel was smashed into pieces. As she flew backwards, the space around her cracked and shattered.

As the Evil God waved his hand, the spear moved according to his control, dancing in the air a few times.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Finally, he had adjusted the spear enough for it to point directly towards Claire. Without any hesitation, the Evil God launched another spear attack on her.

Claire had been caught off guard. When she finally came to her senses and saw the spear shooting towards her, her eyes flashed with rage.


She violently swung Zen, using him to parry the incoming spear.

To her surprise, the spear didn't shatter, but she did manage to deflect it. They stood no chance against her as long as she had her wits about her.

However, just as Claire had deflected the spear, the Grandmaster of Heaven appeared from behind.


A ray of cyan light shot out like a delicate thread. Then, a thin chain was made out under the light. It was the Heart-piercing Lock.

If he managed to cast three chains, the battle would finally come to an end.

However, Claire's speed and strength far exceeded the expectations of the Grandmaster of Heaven. In their last battle, he was left at a complete disadvantage.

While the Grandmaster of Heaven tried to retreat quickly, the long spear suddenly flew to his aid.

He stabbed Claire through the ribs with his sword. Just as he was about to use the first chain, Claire's body suddenly transformed.

Fire spurted out from every orifice on her head. Her body erupted in flames, too. The flames soon enveloped Zen, rapidly moving him to the side.

This was Claire's true form.

The creatures of the Element Spirit race didn't have a clear concept of life. From the moment they were born, they continued to grow in strength, devouring weaker members in the pro


Tiny fire snakes burst out from Claire's hands one after another. These fire snakes had a mind of their own and rushed towards Fuxi in the space channel.

At the same time, the Grandmaster of Heaven also summoned cyan sword radiance directed at Fuxi.

Sensing their theurgies quickly closing in on him, Fuxi turned around, with Zen in front of him.

Click! Click! Click!

The extremely sharp sword radiance and the extremely fierce fire snakes all disappeared the instant they connected with Zen's body. Fuxi smiled. He could now use Zen as a really handy protective treasure!

The Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire didn't give up the chase. However, after a while, they realized they couldn't seem to catch up to Fuxi.

In fact, it seemed as though he was getting farther and farther away!

"How is he so fast?"

"It seems that something is pulling him..."

The Grandmaster of Heaven and Claire were puzzled. They both knew that despite Fuxi's incredible strength, there was no way he could travel at that speed alone. They keenly sensed that something was yanking Fuxi forward.

This was true. In the space channel, a thin energy beam was wrapped around Fuxi's waist.

The red energy beam was actually the shadow of Snake Goddess!

The shadow of Snake Goddess could extend indefinitely. Now, the Snake Goddess, who was over a hundred miles away, was dragging Fuxi forward at high speed.

In front of the Snake Goddess, there was a huge light sail. In order to reach this speed, the Snake Goddess was pouring most of her shadow into the light sail. The light sail then dragged her, Fuxi and Zen to quickly escape.

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