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   Chapter 3873 Fusion

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Just when Usman was about to struggle, Samantha, who was standing next to him, waved her horsetail whisk gently on his body.

As the whisk touched Usman's face, he instantly felt his body become stiff all over.

He was desperately trying to utter a word, but even his mouth was paralyzed, unable to say a word.

"How to devour him? Do I just eat him up directly?" the Evil God said as he looked at Usman with a wicked grin.

Although the Evil God would not devour the human flesh, he was pretty satisfied with Usman.

The aura being emitted by Usman was almost exactly the same as his. That was why he thought that Usman was very suitable to be a part of him.

"Don't you have the ability to absorb one's soul?" Samantha asked in confusion.

"That's right. You just need to devour his soul," Shera added.

There was actually nothing wrong with devouring Usman's physical body, but the most important thing was to fuse with his soul by consuming it.

With that, Samantha reached out her hand towards Usman's forehead, and a ray of cyan light was released from her palm.

Unable to move an inch, Usman only felt a grueling gravitational force coming from Samantha's hand. His eyes rolled and his body trembled violently. Soon, his soul was gradually dragged out of his body.

Generally, one's soul would look the same as their physical body, and there were only a very few exceptions.

Usman's soul was one of them. His soul was very unique. It sort of looked like a cat with its fur standing on end and covered with soul thorns. As Samantha dragged it out, it started struggling insanely in her hand.

However, if his physical body wasn't able to escape from Samantha, then his soul would be much more helpless.


Samantha waved Usman's soul and quickly placed it on the Evil God's head, for it to be absorbed into his mind. In just a matter of seconds, Usman's soul was successfully integrated into the Evil God's mind.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Usman's soul fused with the Evil God, it struggled and even tried to take over.

However, Samantha didn't have any intention of helping the Evil God out. Instead, she asked him to deal with it by himself.

"Will he be okay?" Shera asked curiously.

"Well, it depends on him. But he better sort it out quickly." Samantha shrugged her shoulders and didn't seem to care much about it.

Upon seeing the indifferent expression on Samantha's face, Shera also backed off.

In fact, even the entire Nihility race treated the Evil God and Usman with the same attitude. As the incarnations of the evil wills, they weren't destined to be faithful partners for their race.

Besides, the Nihility race j

lls at will. When that happened, even powerful Eternal Realm warriors would have a hard time dealing with him.

Unfortunately, as he was about to reach the third stage, he had become the rebel and was killed.

Eventually, the next Usman was cultivated by Yellow Thearch. But he was already devoured by the Evil God while he was still at the early level of the second stage.

Logically speaking, even if the Evil God had fused with Usman's soul, he would be able to reach the second stage at most. However, what they were seeing now defied logic and exceeded their expectations.

Whoosh! Crash!

At the same moment, a huge whistling sound came from the skies above.

The Grandmaster of Heaven suddenly appeared and was smashed down towards the boundary wall by Claire.

When the Evil God saw this, a pitch-black light flashed in his eyes and he stretched out his hand.

In a matter of seconds, the boundary wall which was flowing like a fluid suddenly began to condense into a long spear.

The boundary wall that was hundreds of miles wide was condensed into a nine-foot-nine-inch-long spear. He held it in his hand as it released a tremendous amount of power.

As Claire viciously threw the Grandmaster of Heaven down, her figure flashed and she kept chasing after him.

At her top speed, her body could flicker and her figure couldn't be perceived by the naked eye. Even Samantha would find it difficult to capture her.

However, now that the Evil God had devoured Usman, he also gained the connection to the Separate Amber Province. It meant that as long as any object was within the Separate Amber Province, he could easily tell its location in an instant. With that, he raised the long spear with his right hand, and forcefully threw it in a certain direction.

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