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   Chapter 3872 Swallow

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The Separate Amber Province looked like a rag. As the two fought, it began rolling, wrinkling, and tearing.

Creatures that resided on the rag died miserably—they didn't even have any clue what had happened. All they felt was how heaven and earth collapsed. Even the few people who were aware of what happened weren't capable of resisting in a battle of this caliber.

The boundary wall that could only be broken down by the Eternal Realm warriors' full strength grew weak under the impact.


Once the south of the Separate Amber Province sank, the ground was split into two—a crack that extended millions of miles revealed the scene in the chaos.

The negative pressure produced as a result then attracted the chaotic clouds nearby which then swarmed toward the crack.

While the creatures of the Separate Amber Province could only sit still and wait for death, the Oneness Sky Palace's members still held a glimmer of hope for life.

The weakest disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace present were now at the Other Shore Realm, free from the threat of chaotic energy.

But during the battle between Claire and the Grandmaster of Heaven, only a slight impact could cause them either death or injury.

"Everyone, run to the west!"

"If you get lost, head for the Pear Hill!"

"To the west! Go through the boundary wall!"

The initially indestructible boundary wall was now riddled with holes, no longer able to stop everyone from escaping.

Libby, Pearce, and the rest quickly organized the Oneness Sky Palace's disciples for smoother passage through it.

In the meanwhile, the disciples of the Bearing race, the Divine Farmer race, and the New Moon race all returned to their respective flying ships.

A battle of this level had already completely disrupted the initial plan, but so long as they made it to the Pear Hill, survival wasn't impossible.

All the while, Claire was occupying the Yellow Thearch's body. The Divine Farmer had just been freed from a goat monster's state, and Mahoney had died. They had no time to worry about the lives of the Holy Soul Realm warriors.


Another crack appeared on the ground as thousands of clods were thrown into the sky—each clod was as huge as over a hundred mountains.

In one of the clods, a two-winged earth dragon was curling up. Once it felt movement from outside, it quickly came out of the clod, on

e the tension.

"Come with me," said the captain, nodding at Edith.

Once Edith stretched out her hands, an invisible space ship enveloped everyone. The next moment, it appeared in the west of the Separate Amber Province, where the Pear Hill and the Bearing race had first fought.

As the Divine Farmer chased the Invisible Ship, he consumed far too much of Usman's power, leaving the latter very weak.

Fortunately, he was bound to the Separate Amber Province. So long as it wasn't completely destroyed, he wouldn't perish.


The Invisible Ship descended.

All the members of the Black Ship, the Evil God, and Samantha appeared before Usman.

As the latter raised his hand, his gaze fell upon Shera and the Evil God.

From Shera, he could feel a specific kind of emotion that seemed to have something to do with him.

Looking at the arrogant Evil God, he saw a bit of himself.

"What do you want?"

With the group approaching aggressively, he knew something bad was about to happen.

But he didn't seem to feel a sense of belonging to the Bearing race. He was like a drop of oil floating in the water, impossible for him to join any kind of force.

If he was forced to join the Black Ship, though, he wasn't going to refuse.

"This is the incarnation of the Source World's evil will. You will swallow him," said Shera firmly, pointing at Usman.

At that, Usman was instantly shocked. He raised his head to look Shera square in the eye. He wasn't afraid of anything, not even the warriors at the Eternal Realm, but now, a cold shiver just ran down his spine.

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