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   Chapter 3871 Backup Plan

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After the Grandmaster of Heaven descended, he couldn't help but gaze at those down below.

The Snake Goddess, Fuxi, Yellow Thearch, each one of them made his blood boil.

He knew that the people that stood before him had different standpoints and were mere avatars devoid of memory, but it didn't stop the inexplicable hatred that surged in his heart when his eyes swept over their faces.

His negative feelings did not go unnoticed. Everyone felt the waves of anger that emanated from the Grandmaster of Heaven, including Snake Goddess, Fuxi, Yellow Thearch and Divine Farmer who had gradually recovered from the form of a goat monster.

Mahoney, however, felt a bit lucky.

This mysterious man in black had such a furious expression when he looked at the others but when it came to her, all he had was an expressionless gaze. She hoped she wouldn't find trouble with her.

Just as Mahoney silently rejoiced, the Grandmaster of Heaven turned towards her. "I shall kill this irrelevant person first.


The Heart-piercing Lock in his hand trembled just as a long, thin chain emerged and headed straight towards Mahoney. Instead of white jade, the chain was stark black, obviously of lower grade than the one that had trapped Othniel. But it was more than enough to trap Mahoney.

After she heard the Grandmaster of Heaven's words, Mahoney's face quickly paled. She rolled backwards, just as the chain headed her way, and tried to get out of her now precarious situation.

The space in front of the black chain distorted as it appeared right in front of Mahoney.


Mahoney's armor, a masterpiece that she was quite proud of, shattered underneath the piercing force of the black chain.

With no defensive chestplate, the black chain sunk into her chest, and the moment it entered her body, the Spearhead Armor of Destruction on her body collapsed instantly while her life force rapidly faded away.

In the blink of an eye, Mahoney's life force dissipated entirely.

An Eternal Realm warrior truly was no match against the Grandmaster of Heaven.

As the chain retracted, Mahoney's corpse snapped back and shot towards the black ship.

"Deal with the corpse," the Grandmaster of Heaven muttered darkly.

The sight of Mahoney's corpse made Shera salivate.

Her ghouls were weak and all she could really do was transform her own body.

The Grandmaster of Heaven basically

ys to descend!" he said in a girlish voice.


Everyone was witness to how Yellow Thearch's hair suddenly burned and the eyeball in the center of his forehead glowed with a golden light that emitted an aura similar to that of Descending Rings.

They watched as his appearance, expression, and aura, all transformed into Claire's image.

Before the Grandmaster of Heaven could react, Claire had already stepped forward and swung Zen towards him, hard.


A burst of blue light flashed in the Grandmaster of Heaven's eyes as he used the spatial distortion to dodge the blow.

"Damn it!"


"That Zen can devour..."

The people from the Black Ship all tried to warn him but it was already too late.

The moment Zen touched the twisted space, he completely devoured the energy and returned the space to normal which meant he smashed onto the Grandmaster of Heaven with no hindrance whatsoever.


Hit by such a formidable weapon, the Grandmaster of Heaven was sent flying into the air.

Claire smirked in satisfaction at this temporary weapon of hers.



She wanted to ignite a flame but forgot the characteristics of Zen's body. The fire barely flickered as it was immediately absorbed by him.

She made a face but did not really care. She took a step forward and reached the other side of the space. Again, she wielded Zen as a blunt weapon.


As Zen's body smashed onto the Grandmaster of Heaven the second time, Othniel, who was bound by the Heart-piercing Lock, was also dragged down and hit the ground hard.

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