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   Chapter 3870 The Heart-piercing Lock

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The Grandmaster of Heaven had already readied himself to enter the Deleting Space once more when Othniel said something strange to him. A visible frown appeared on his face as he stared back at Othniel.

In the eyes of the Grandmaster of Heaven, his opponents on both sides needed to be personally dealt with.

As he was expelled in the Deleting Space that was controlled by Ziya, he was surprised when he observed that the time node could be directly changed.

When he was being transferred between the two places, all he thought about was how he could defeat Ziya.

In his mind, if he could replace Ziya who was controlling the Deleting Space, then he could earn a lot from it. Most importantly, he could also return to the chaos through the time node.

"I didn't do anything. If you want, you can try again," the Grandmaster of Heaven responded with a straight face.

While Othniel heard these words, a strange expression glimmered in his eyes. He took a few steps forward and sneered, "Are you mocking me?"

"No. Of course not," the Grandmaster of Heaven quickly replied. "I'm just hoping that you can try sending me back into that space again."

Seeing the sincere expression of the Grandmaster of Heaven, all of the Eternal Realm warriors that were currently present couldn't help but look at each other with confused faces.

Right now, the Grandmaster of Heaven had a rough estimate of Ziya's abilities.

It seemed that Othniel wasn't pretending. Ziya had most probably shut down the Deleting Space.

Now, the Grandmaster of Heaven was more interested in this magical place and yearned for it even more.

However, Othniel couldn't understand what the Grandmaster of Heaven was really thinking. He tried several times, but the space around the Grandmaster of Heaven was just constantly shaking and there was no way to send him in.

With all that was happening, Othniel couldn't help but ask him, "Tell me. What exactly happened in that space?"

The Grandmaster of Heaven shrugged and said, "Ha, I can't tell you that."

Of course, he didn't have the slightest intention of telling Othniel the matter about Ziya.

"All right then. I'll know after I kill you." Othniel's voice suddenly became cold. He had a strong urge to figure out what had truly happened in the Deleting Space.

Suddenly, the cubic space surrounding the Grandmaster of Heaven transformed into a solid cube.

Othniel controlled the space truth. With it, he could define and manipulate most of the spaces in the chaos. This time, he controlled the space containing the Grandmaster of Heaven and transformed it into a solid state.


With a wave of his hand, the whole cube instantly collapsed.

If it was an or

ster of Heaven gently raised his Cyan Misty Sword. Soon after, three thin threads quietly appeared and turned out to tightly wrap around Othniel's body. Suddenly, the white thin threads grew larger and turned into white jade chains. The other ends of the chains were connected to a small yellow lock that was in the hand of the Grandmaster of Heaven. The lock was exceptionally exquisite, and there were undecipherable Sanskrit words on both sides. It was the Heart-piercing Lock, another powerful magic treasure of the Grandmaster of Heaven.

Previously, the Grandmaster of Heaven had given a hint that three strikes were all it would take him to kill Othniel. These three sword strikes were what activated the Heart-piercing Lock that completely suppressed Othniel's body. Now everything in Othniel's body was locked up, meaning that all his theurgies were sealed. That was why there was no need for him to use the Wild God Power.

On the outside, Othniel looked motionless. But the truth was he was currently in a fierce struggle within his body. He was trying to free himself, but the Heart-piercing Lock was absolutely powerful. He was extremely enraged with the fact that the dignified Chaos Ancient God like him would be defeated by the Grandmaster of Heaven in this way.

The Grandmaster of Heaven knew about Othniel's on-going efforts and struggling, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He just slowly descended while dragging the white jade chains.

Now that he was able to successfully trap Othniel, it was time for him to deal with the other warriors present.

He knew these warriors' high positions and standpoints in the Source World, but it didn't matter to him. Since he couldn't kill the real masters in the Three Purities Stage, he decided to annihilate first these duplicates of them.

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