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   Chapter 3869 Passing The Ball

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Within the 77th chaos, there had been a great conflict between the Interception Sect, created by the Grandmaster of Heaven, and the Enlightenment Sect, created by the Primeval Lord of Heaven. The reason behind this conflict was also related to the Finale Way.

At the end of the battle, the Grandmaster of Heaven had been defeated by Ziya, and the foundation of the Interception Sect had been destroyed beyond repair.

The Grandmaster of Heaven had led the remaining people of their sect to the Other Shore in an attempt to escape, and there they had quickly disappeared. In the past hundreds of chaotic eras, no one had ever seen the Grandmaster of Heaven himself, or the members of the Interception Sect.

It was not until the Nihility race appeared out of the blue that the Grandmaster of Heaven began to show his face once again.

There was no known knowledge of what the Grandmaster of Heaven had gone through, or how he had become the leader of the Nihility race during that time.

The moment Ziya had descended into the Bloom Divine Province, the Primeval Lord of Heaven had warned him of the Grandmaster of Heaven, and to be cautious if he were to ever come across him. The latter had not moved on from when the Interception Sect had been destroyed.

Ziya hadn't felt the need to take the words seriously at the time. He had thought that time would ease the pain, and erase the hatred in the Grandmaster of Heaven's heart. However, when they had come across one another in the Deleting Space, fury and hatred had burned in the Grandmaster of Heaven's eyes as he looked at Ziya, regarding him as if they were old enemies.

A metallic 'whoosh' had cut through the air.

With the Cyan Misty Sword in hand, the Grandmaster of Heaven had rushed towards Ziya.

The Six Soul Flags in the distance quivered, and the black fire licking along the blade burned with heavy violence.

Ziya understood just how powerful the Six Soul Flags were. He also knew that the Grandmaster of Heaven had led the Nihility race to great power, and that they could easily stand up to the Elemental Spirit race as near equals. His strength had grown exponentially.

"God Lashing Whip!"

Ziya struck out hard with his whip as he retreated.

The resounding cracks caused by the whip were ear-piercing.

As shadows danced and shimmied along the whip, the void began to tremble. What looked to be ripples appeared in the air, warping and distorting everything within their sight.

The movement of the God Lashing Whip was erratic, and had no pattern to follow as it sent golden shadows one after another int

s thoughts.

The Grandmaster of Heaven had regained his senses enough to utilize Grand Teleportation and reach Ziya instantly.

He raised his hand and swung his sword!

The black radiance along the edges of his sword was as bright as fire, and came barreling towards Ziya's face.

Ziya though was a little bit faster...

Before the attack could plow into him, the Grandmaster of Heaven disappeared.

Ziya turned quickly to look at the Deleting Pillars at the far end of the Deleting Space. He waved his hands before him, and a portion of the Deleting Pillars hummed to life with a bright light before quickly dimming.

With that action, the rules of the Deleting Space had changed. There was a unique space node at the entrance of the Deleting Space, and it so happened to be controlled by Othniel. However, Ziya had long ago changed it to be one way, so people could enter but not leave.

But now that particular rule had changed. People could neither enter nor leave.

When the Grandmaster of Heaven had been sent out once more, Othniel immediately enveloped him with space and began to delete it.

However, the space did not disappear, no matter how hard Othniel willed it to.

The Grandmaster of Heaven remained where he had appeared, and stared at Othniel with a puzzled expression.

Could a Chaos Ancient God even make a mistake?

"What have you done?! I can't sense the Deleting Space!" Othniel cried in shock.

Losing the ability to delete meant losing a trump card, but usually Chaos Ancient Gods had many of those up their sleeves.

The fact that the ability he had obtained from the space of truth was weakened or muted by another made him feel on edge, the horrible feeling creeping up his spine.

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