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   Chapter 3868 Uncle

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A space which was thirty miles wide, thirty miles high, and thirty miles long had been deleted from the chaos and exiled into the Deleting Space.

On all sides, everything squeezed into the gap to fill in the disappeared space. The ground itself was pulled up. A majestic mountain, thirty miles high, appeared out of thin air.

The last time, Zen had quickly returned after Mount exiled him. This attracted Othniel's attention.

The outside world thought that the Land of Ashes—also known as the Deleting Space—was controlled by Othniel. In fact, he couldn't affect anything in the Deleting Space.

The information left by the Sons of Truth on the Other Shore seemed to indicate that the Deleting Space was under the control of Othniel. But much had changed over the past few hundred chaotic eras. The Deleting Space had undergone a dramatic transformation, and Othniel had lost control of it.

He didn't know for certain what had happened inside.

All he knew was that he had the ability to exile people and things into the Deleting Space. However, he had no power to delete the creatures and things within that space.

Zen's safe return from the Deleting Space had shaken Othniel. He immediately tried to invade the Deleting Space to reclaim his authority over it.

None of Othniel's attempts to regain control was successful.

Othniel had always felt that something strange was in the Deleting Space, something that he could not track or detect. It was a sore spot in his heart.

In this case, Othniel would not have chosen to delete the man in black unless he had no other choice. After all, it might prove ineffective.

However, since the man in black had been deleted, Othniel seized this opportunity to take Zen away.

The man in black frowned as he floated in the Deleting Space.

He raised a hand to pat his head, muttering, "I was too careless. I forgot this trick."

It was not a good thing for him to be exiled to this damned place.

He had come with the help of the Descending Ring, but now the Descending Ring had grown dim. He had lost contact with the Other Shore.

What if he was truly trapped in this cursed space, unable to find his way out? It would cause enormous problems for the Nihility race.

As he floated, the man in black suddenly realized the strangeness of his situa

mysterious and indescribable aura spread out from his body. He shouted back, "You have the cheek to call me uncle?"

Again, a buzz signaled his impending attack.

The black energy emanated by the Six Soul Flags suddenly flowed inward, gathering on the surface of the Cyan Misty Sword. The cyan glow of the sword intersected with the black energy, and the sword began to burn. Raising his sword, the man in black rushed towards Ziya.

Ziya gently pushed Geoffrey, and an unseen force propelled Geoffrey away.

In the face of such a powerful attack, he had no time to protect Geoffrey.

"Let bygones be bygones. Why do you still keep the past in mind?" Ziya said, lifting his own golden whip once more.

Ziya's God Lashing Whip had been created by the Primeval Lord of Heaven with Ziya's root-level bloodline. It was his most powerful weapon.

"Your master has said the same thing many times," the man in black said coldly. "It is nonsense!"

He was the Grandmaster of Heaven whom Zen had met.

He and the Primeval Lord of Heaven had learned from the same master, so he was Ziya's uncle.

At first, Ziya had not known if he was still alive. After all, when the 77th chaos ended, Ziya had been exiled to the Deleting Space.

Ziya didn't know anything about what happened later on the Other Shore until Zen took him out from the Deleting Space.

Although Ziya had grown much since those days, he still found it deeply unsettling that the mere sight of him had spurred the Grandmaster of Heaven to an immediate fight to the death.

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